A bridal shower without fun bridal shower games can be all sugar and spice, until everyone gets bored. We can fix this!

. are seven fun bridal shower games that will make your event super amazing:

1. Hello my name is

This is usually great for parties where the girls don’t know each other. As they come in, they’ll write their nicknames on pieces of paper, and to begin the party, the bride calls out each nickname and the guests try to guess who it is.











2. Guess the movie:

There’s usually a list of movie quotes from popular romantic movies, and with each quote, the girls will try to guess the fitting movie. A nice twist to this can be to divide the girls into groups and do it in a charade form.


fun bridal shower games











3. Ring Toss

This is an old traditional game, except this time we can use loop earrings or bangles. The girls stand afar and throw the bangle or earring, the aim is for it to stay on the neck of a bottle. The person with the most number of earring or bangles around the neck of the bottle wins the game.

fun bridal shower games


4. Call a random person

This is so much fun when all of you are close friends. You call random people, but each person gets a turn to recommend who someone else would call, and you just say fun, random, nice stuff to whoever is on the other end. Be sure not to use your real name!

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5. Treasured moments

., the guests will write short short stories of special moments they shared with the bride, and she’ll get to read it out herself. This is usually a very mushy moment, be sure to pass a tissue box around too!

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6. Photo Booth

This doesn’t even have to be complicated at all, a fun hand made backdrop can be made in a corner, and the props will be shared, and everyone can go take fun, goofy pictures. Don’t forget to involve the bride, and groom as the case may be.

Fun bridal shower games

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7. Advice Jar

After all the fun and games and food, if hopefully most people are sober, the guests get to write notes of advice for the couple, things you want them not to forget, even date night options for when they’re married. We’re sure they’ll appreciate the thoughts.

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A bridal shower is usually like a graduation ceremony for the bride from the single life to the other life. Lol! You can’t possibly achieve that without fun bridal shower games and activities. You’re welcome!

Now that you have that all sorted, you can check out other fun bridal shower ideas you should try.

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