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Games are a fun part of your bridal shower. It’s also a great opportunity for you to bond with your girls and for them to get to know each other better. It’s important to enjoy yourselves and what better way than to . games?

Here are five fun bridal shower games you and your girls will love:

1. The kitchen tools game
fun bridal shower games

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In this game, you pin a couple of kitchen tools on an apron. The bride-to-be then wears this apron around the room once and takes it off. The guests then have to remember all the tools pinned on her body and write it down, the guest who remembers the most wins.

2. The toilet paper design contest

This is a very hilarious game. The guests pick a team and a model for each team and design a wedding dress for the model with toilet papers. No tape or scissors allowed. The bride-to-be gets to pick the best design.

3. Treasured Memory
bridal shower games

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The guests are asked to write one memory they treasure most of them and the bride. Isn’t that just sweet?

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4. Bride and groom trivia
bridal shower games

(Photo: Rennai Hoefer)

This is just to know which guest knows the bride and groom best. You can always print some trivia questions and the person that answers the most correctly wins.

5. Charades

This is a very fun game. All you need to do is divide yourselves into teams, act out words on a piece of paper and make your teammates guess the words correctly. The team that guesses more words correctly wins.

With these fun games, you will be bonding with your girls in no time and having fun too.

bridal shower games

(Photo: Instagram/bridalshower9ja)

Speaking of bridal shower games, this bridal party chose a river-themed shower and we’re confused.




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