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The conventional bachelorette party is so overdone.

We have these great ideas, and we promise you that you will have such fun at your bachelorette party.

bachelorette party

(Photo: Instagram/The Black Bachelorette)

If you don’t want the normal bridal shower with cake and decorations, we’ve gatchu. These ideas will make sure you have a fun party no one will ever forget.

1. Destination party
bachelorette party

(Photo: Instagram/bray_baby)

Why not just make it a girl’s weekend trip while you’re at it? Pack up some bikinis and go drink fruity stuff lounging on the beach with your girls. Just perfect.

2. Spa and massage day
bachelorette party

(Photo: IONigeria)

After all the stress of wedding planning, you need this. Get mani-pedis, get massages, relax and just have a gabfest. Who knows the next time you girls can have a day like that?

3. Hike

If your squad is a fitfam one, then you guys can get some exercise, nature and fresh air into your bachelorette party by going on a scenic hike-maybe turn it into a picnic even! Just make sure to pack plenty of water and a camera.

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4. Bar hopping
bachelorette party

(Photo: 806 Photography)

What’s better than dressing up, putting on a sash and painting the town red with your girls? You guys can call a cab to take you to the places you need to go so that you drink all you want! What’s more, you can get free drinks because you’re the bride.

bachelorette party

(Photo: Pinterest via Bridal shower themes)

Isn’t that the whole point, to have fun?

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While you’re partying it up, we have some dress ideas that will make sure no one forgets that you’re the bride.




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