Fun Nigerian Bridal Shower Ideas For 2018 Brides


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So Bestie got engaged? Extend our warm greetings! Now it’s time for serious business. Let’s plan her a lovely bridal shower. Shall we?

Are you on the bridal shower WhatsApp group for your friend? . are 5 things you can do to make her day.

1. Casual (really casual) dress code.

How about PJs? Odd? No? Well, If you are hosting a brunch shower, why not have everyone come over in their comfy PJs? Have a girls’ day in, complete with food, good gossip, and lots of laughter.

Fun Nigerian Bridal Shower Ideas For 2018 Brides

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2. Modern Tea Party

Speaking of saving money, one easy way is to keep your refreshment bill to a minimum. The best way to achieve this? Serve tea and cake rather than cocktails and a meal.


Fun Nigerian Bridal Shower Ideas For 2018 Brides

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3. . Fun Games

No, not those silly bridal shower games. Select one that involves more one-on-one interaction, like question and answers session to find out how much the bride knows her groom. Ask the groom-to-be ahead of the shower for answers to those questions to make it more fun!

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How well do you know the bride?

Another good all involving game is the “How well do you know the bride” game where friends of the bride get questionnaires to answer. After submission, the bride gives the most suitable answers will the questionnaires are marked. You can give a gift to the highest scorer!


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4. Themed Party

Themed bridal parties are the in thing! Why not think of a theme that matches the bride’s personality? Fashion, Vintage, Princess, whatever!

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What other fun activities would you engage your friends in at a bridal shower? Share with is below!

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