Fun Tips To Help Boost Your Water Intake


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Water is the most essential and basic need of our body. It is commonly recommended to have eight 8-ounce glass intake of water per day (the 8×8 rule). It not only removes toxins from the body but also keeps health problems like dehydration, indigestion and fatigue under control.

Despite all the wonderful things water does for our body, we most times find it hard to meet the recommended daily intake. So here are some fun ways to boost your water intake!

#1. Drink With A Straw

Water and Straw

A cool and interesting idea is to sip down your water with a straw! Apparently, drinking with a straw lets you sip in more in less time. So why not try it out!

#2. Replace The Boring Glass Of  Water With High Water Content Food


Water, no matter how beneficial, is plain and gets boring beyond a point. So why not consider some good alternatives! There are ample of high water content food that can help you meet your body’s water requirement.

Hydrating fruits and veggies like watermelon, apple, broccoli, orange, berries, carrot and cucumber are amazing alternatives. Foods like cereals and grains also have a good amount of H2O.

#3. Cut Down On Coffee


Drinks like coffee and cola have a diuretic effect, and can leave you feeling dehydrated. It is advisable to skip that cup of coffee or glass of soda, and instead reach out for a glass of water!

Another great thing you can do is to replace your morning cup of coffee with green tea. Green tea has slightly less caffeine than coffee and is packed with health benefits.

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#4. Consume Liquid Foods As Snacks


Liquid food items like juices and smoothies are high on water content and are made from fruits that are rich in water. So whenever you feel like snacking, a healthy smoothie will not only ease your craving but also infuse more liquid into your body!

#5. Get A Fancy Bottle

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Fancy Water bottles

With so many beautiful and creative options, whether in style, shape, colors or design, a nice looking water bottle can be an incentive trick for you (fancy glasses can be equally effective)! Make your bottle your companion, take it wherever you go, and keep sipping!

#6. Dilute Your Drinks With More Water

water 5

Diluting your mocktails, iced tea or lemonade will be of dual benefit to you. Firstly, you get to drink more of water. Secondly, you can enjoy the flavor without consuming many calories.

#7. Make It More Appealing

water 6

How about turning your glass of plain water into an appealing flavored drink! Put in some slices of lemon or fresh mint leaves and enjoy the flavour.

#8. Fruity Flavored Ice Cubes

water 7

If adding a flavor to your glass of H2O several times a day sounds like work, then why not prepare flavored ice cubes in one go. Cut a fruit of your choice into tiny pieces and put it in the ice tray. Add these cubes to your glass of water and make the sipping interesting!

#9. Set Water Rituals Or Bets

Setting water rituals or bets can help to ensure a healthy intake through promise or social commitment.

You can bet with your family members or colleagues over who drinks more water in a day or you can team up with them to have regular water breaks together.

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