Future Mercedes-Maybach 6 & Driver-less Mercedes-Benz Unveiled 


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Today in Carmel, California USA, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the latest of its Maybach line: The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, Bloomberg reports.

The presentation was made by Gorden Wagener, the Daimler AG head of design, on the lawn of the famous Pebble Beach Resort and he describe the automobile technology as something that will last for many decades to come.

Future Mercedes-Maybach 6 & Driver-less Mercedes-Benz Unveiled 

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“This is a car you want to drive yourself. We see a big movement in analog things, and they are sustainable… This is something you pass to your children, like a Leica camera or a chronograph watch. Driving has been a pleasure since 130 years and will stay that way another 130 years.”

The sleek ride exudes luxury and comfort and based on it’s descriptions, Mercedes-Maybach 6 is a 6-meter length, total electric with massive battery pack located along the bottom of the car

Future Mercedes-Maybach 6 & Driver-less Mercedes-Benz Unveiled 

The interior is stocked with modern technology and old-school comfort including a Chesterfield look to the leather seats, Elm wood trim (to create a “refined yachting look”), and enormous screens including a digital overlay on the windshield that can show driving-. and geographical information across the entire lower glass.

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mercedes maybach vision6 interior

It has an automatic driving function with an engine that can achieve 750 horsepower. Judging from view of the luxurious interior, Mercedes-Maybach 6 appears to have a two-person sitters, but it actually has a spacious seating for three passengers and the driver.

Further description shows the grille up front is made to look like the pinstripes on a suit; the 24-inch rims, dual rear window, narrow side “mirrors” and spine-like divide along the back make the car extremely distinctive. Mercedes executives said it is meant to evoke emotion and intelligence, hot passion and cool rationality: “The key is to combine them,” Wagener said.

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Mercedes-Maybach 6 is the latest product unveiled since the Mercedes re-ignited the Daimler-owned Maybach line. The company has launch other multi-million dollar automobile including the $1 million Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman, and the $166,200 Mercedes- Maybach S600 sedan, last year.

Below is a video of the Future Driver-less Mercedes-Benz F 015



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