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Apart from snatched edges, every lady desires long hair. Healthy and shiny also falls within the pack  – relaxed or not. Try these tricks and you would be stunned at the results!

T. are a lot of factors we engage in our day-to-day lives that affect the steady reproduction of hair follicles. This, in turn, hinders steady hair growth. From neglecting the proper hair care routine to not eating right, a lot of these contribute to our hair problems. Well, put that in the past because your hair is about to undergo a makeover with these tips – long hair season!

Oil Your Hair At Least Twice A Week

The mistake 0f neglecting the regular routine when protective styles are on is common among women. Try to give your hair the proper care with natural oils like coconut and olive oil for effective results.

Long Hair

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Get A Regular Trim

Ensure that you get a regular trim to help get rid of split ends. Trimming the hair tip every six-eight enables faster hair growth and minimizes damages split ends can cause.

Give Yourself A Massage Regularly

In addition to improving blood circulation and the stimulation of hair growth, massages are cheap if you don’t have the means to splurge. Massage your hair with natural oils for the best results.

Avoid Excess Hair Heat

The use of styling tools that bring out heat excessively damage hair over time. Avoid too much blow drying and straightening as heat reduces thickness. It also leaves the hair appearing dull and dry.

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Long Hair

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Use Natural Treatments For Hair Problems

Whatever it is that might affect your hair – currently or in the future, always try to make research on natural remedies. They have proven to be effective and have the virtue of cost minimization. Luckily, t.’s a cure for every problem!

Long Hair


In all, try to eat healthily, exercise regularly and take supplements. Your hair would be the envy of all your pairs. Yes, we said that! 

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