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Every lady yearns for thicker and fuller lashes! Though we know extensions and falsies feel the void, t.’s nothing as pleasing and satisfying as rocking your natural lashes! We promise your ‘no make-up’ days are about to be exciting with these tips!

The tips we are about to share consist of natural ingredients that would help you achieve the natural lashes of your dream in no time. We cannot preach consistency enough though – keep that in mind!

Natural Lashes

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  1. Find an old mascara container, then wash it and let it dry up
  2. Fill it with a measurable amount of castor oil, aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil
  3. Mix all (the above) together. Make sure to shake well so the ingredients can blend together
  4. Apply the mix on your lashes every night.
  5. Don’t forget to invest in a good mascara.
  6. Voila! T. you have it!
Natural Lashes

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Natural Lashes

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These ingredients are the perfect blend to achieve lush lashes. Castor oil helps to thicken the lashes and the aloe vera gel helps to strengthen the lash hair while Vitamin E also helps the length.

This is the perfect combination for stronger, longer, fuller and beautiful lashes. You should see changes in a month!

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