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Pant Silhouette

Be in the know of the types of silhouettes that your favourite style staple comes in. Why? It helps you pair each piece perfect!

Pants are basic style staples, almost every lady owns at least a couple of them. This, however, doesn’t mean that they are in the know of the different types of silhouettes they come in. We are looking at a couple of pant silhouette as every knowledge is a plus – even the ones that seem unnecessary!

The Basic Silhouette

This is the normal fit that pants come in. It is sometimes referred to as ‘pencil pants‘ and it is most suitable for the office as it makes moderate style statements.

Pant Silhouette

Instagram / The Lady Vhodka

The Mid Flare Silhouette

This type of pant grips the body from the waist down to the knee area. This is the type of pant that makes a combination of two statements. The upper part speaks the sexy language while the bottom part is free to flow.

Pant Silhouette

Instagram / Lilly Afe

Bell Bottom Silhouette

This silhouette is multi-dimensional as the two parts attaches to each other, unlike the others. This silhouette is not so conventional as it comes and goes as trends. It is currently a huge trend now though!

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Pant Silhouette

Instagram / Powede Awujo

Wide Leg Silhouette

This type of pant creates a moderately wide fit. It is perfect for stylish days where you don’t feel like wearing anything that grips tight. Asides that, it brings a whole new vibe to your outfit.

Pant Silhouette

Instagram / Marippvzz

Dress Pant Silhouette

Do you want to feel like you are an entire vibe? This silhouette got you! It is so wide, it almost looks like a dress. The key is to pair it with super tight tops so you don’t look like you are drowning!

Pant Silhouette

Instagram / Serrabellum

Now that you got the pant silhouette on lockdown, go on to pairing and styling your pieces accordingly. You are welcome!

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