Getting A Tattoo? Here’s What You Should Know Before You Dofashionstyle


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Tattoos are beautiful artworks that you might have been admiring on others skin. The intricacies of the design are alluring and prompt the craving to get one for ones self.

It doesn’t help that most of your favourite music artiste, actors/actress, sport .er flaunt their tattoos every chance they get. So, if you are considering getting a tattoo or several beautiful pieces of art or script on some body part, . are guidelines on how to go about it.

getting a tattoo

(Photo: Instagram/Moet Abebe)

Tattoos are Forever

Tattoos are last forever. So before getting a tattoo, be certain that you want it so you don’t end up regretting them. Be sure of the location you want it on too. Do you want a visible one or hidden one? A quick one: Laser removal is more painful and more expensive than getting a tattoo. Be ink sure.

Preparation is Key

Hangovers aren’t the most pleasant experience. When coupled with tattoo appointment? Disastrous! Alcohol consumption is not advised a day before your appointment. Alcohol levels will thin your blood and can cause excessive bleeding during the session. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water to keep your skin healthy. You may also start moisturizing a week or two before. If you have deep cuts or scratches, wait till they are healed.

Get plenty of rest before the big day to avoid being grouchy and fidgety which would affect the outcome of the tattoo.

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Money, Money, Monneeeyy

Tattoos don’t come cheap! If you aren’t ready to spend don’t even think about getting a tattoo. Find out how much tattoo sessions are before deciding to get one. Some tattoo parlours charge a fixed cost others do per-hour. Make your inquiries thoroughly. Also, avoid the temptation of getting inked and a cheap shanty. T. are a thousand an one things that could go wrong. It’s always best to get tattooed at a certified tattoo parlour, even if they are expensive.

getting a tattoo

(Photo: Instagram/Lillian Afegbai)


We would not shy from the pain that comes with getting a tattoo. It hurts! The threshold of pain everyone has varies so brace yourself for the accompanying sting. The throbbing pain may leave you light-headed or faint. Eat a good sized meal and take along sugary snacks to help restore you blood sugar levels to avoid fainting.

getting a tattoo

(Photo: Instagram/Annie Idibia)


Do a research on tattoo artists; show each one the design detail you want and go with the one that you are sure understands your specification. You should have a reference photo of the design, what size you’d want it and the location it would be. If you are going for a script, choose the font and make sure you proofread it before it is done to avoid stories that touch. Once you are inked, you are INKED!

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