GIRLS BEWARE! A White Man Is Not The Highway To HEAVEN When It Comes To Love


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Stories abound about the African man. Tales have been told about his inability to be a gentleman (never ever opens doors or pulls chairs for his woman); his lack of proper courtship skills (most find it a burden to make a simple phone call); his inability to be romantic (his idea of romance is buying a flower and a bar of chocolate on Valentine’s day — once a year); his tendency to justify side chick type of relationships, and worse his desire to always hangout in the bar and ignore his family.

Similarly, there are many stories about white men. The gusto with which African women hunt down white men is amazing. It’s like watching National Geography and viewing a lioness hunt down an unsuspecting antelope.

You may think African women are lazy when it comes to dating, and that they never make phone calls. But wait until they spot a white man. They never let anything stand in their way. They will do anything humanly possible to bag a white man.

If you think I am lying, just deposit a white man in a room full of African women, and you will see postures and accents change, and just about every kind of feminine voodoo on display, hair fluffing and all. This is because to many an African woman, a white man represents a living, breathing fairy tale. He is freedom from the oppression of the African man and all his gaping faults.

Dating him is an introduction to the life of romance for the first time. It means being fast-tracked from a life of hustling to a life of luxury and happiness (because all white men are allegedly rich). It means playing in the big leagues.

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Meal ticket

A white man is seen as the highway to heaven, a meal ticket to the ‘promised land’, where ye shall work no more, enjoy all luxuries, live in the leafy suburbs, and say goodbye to all problems.

Well let me pull the rug right from under this false assumption. Ladies, being white does not mean a man will treat you like a queen or is wealthy. Poor, cruel and hopeless white men do walk this earth — I kid you not.

Further, just like black men have shortcomings, white men too have. They include everything from strange fεtishεs, to freaky and sometimes inhuman sεxμal demands. They are also too needy emotionally, are known to be overprotective and paranoid.

I know women who have given up on food in order to meet their white man’s skinny standards of beauty. A good number of these white men are not into kids, especially siring them with black women.

I know the story about the lady who ended up killing herself because of an experience with a white man at the coast was fake, but you have to admit it is a great story to warn women about the dangers of canoodling with strange white men you know nothing about. Just because you met someone who is white online and talked to him on WhatsApp for a month does not mean he is Prince Charming.

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