Girl,Why You Should Not Date Him


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You’ve got your eyes on that guy you’ve met recently. He’s handsome, a good listener, funny, and fun to be around. Best of all, you think he might like you back. All the signals are there, and he’s responding to your flirtatious vibes. You’ve had it with being single, and you can’t wait for him to make that first move, but it just isn’t happening. You’re pretty sure he likes you, so you’re considering making that first move yourself. Still, something tells you to wait and see where this might lead.You continue in the friend zone for a while, but you’re getting antsy. This guy really seems like someone you’d enjoy sharing a relationship with. Your friends aren’t thrilled about him, but you’re making up your mind to go ahead and ask him out anyway. Good for you! But before you jump in, consider these 10 reasons not to date him.

1. He’s On The Rebound

He just broke up with his girlfriend, and he’s a bit depressed. He needs a shoulder to cry on and to make him feel better about his situation. You’re ready to help and glad he’s chosen you to comfort him. After all, all those heart-to-hearts are sure leading to something good, right?

It’s all fine and good to give him support, but if you date him too soon after the last break up, you may soon become his next.

2. You’re On The Rebound

If you’ve recently broken up with someone, give yourself time to heal and enjoy the single life for a while. Being single isn’t a terrible thing, and wanting to be in a relationship too soon after a break up could mean settling for a less than ideal relationship.

Make sure that you really do like this person for who he is, and that you’re not just looking for a shoulder to cry on because of your break up. Basing your relationship on your current vulnerabilities won’t serve you well once you’re out of the dumps.

3. He Spends More Time On His Looks Than You Do

We all love a well-groomed man, but if he spends too much time in front of the mirror, this could mean one of two things: he’s either very vain, or very insecure, or possibly both. Vain and insecure people tend to take a lot more than to give – his constant need for approval could wear you down after a while.

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If he’s a little too concerned about his looks, especially after you’ve already made it clear that you’re interested… re-consider your pursuit.

4. He Only Compliments You On Your Looks

We all love to be complimented about the way we look; it makes us feel good about ourselves and gives us that little extra confidence boost. But if all he ever compliments is your looks, perhaps he hasn’t taken the time to get to know and notice much about your personality. And as much as we’d like it to be otherwise, we won’t have our looks forever. If you’re hoping for a-term relationship, and he only likes you for your looks, what will happen when you don’t have those looks anymore? If he doesn’t like you for you, but just for your body, it’s time to run in the other direction.

5. He’s Cheated On An Ex-Girlfriend

You know the saying: once a cheater, always a cheater. If he’s told you about the time he cheated on a girlfriend, and he doesn’t seem to regret it much, you can be sure that to him, cheating isn’t a big deal. And if cheating isn’t a big deal, you might be the next girl to be cheated on. Unless you’re into open relationships, this is not the person you want to start dating.

6. Your Friends Don’t Like Him

Whereas this isn’t always a reason not to date a guy, if your friends don’t like your potential partner, hear them out. They might be seeing warning signs that you can’t see through your “love goggles.” If most of your friends don’t like him, and they seem to have good reason, dating this person could mean two things: you’ll be happy in your relationship, but you’ll have a lot of conflict with your friends, or your friends were right, and this relationship will be a nightmare.

7. He Goes With The Crowd… Every Time

If he seems to have an opinion about something, but changes his mind as soon as two or three of his buddies disagree, and this seems to happen often… he might have a bit of a hard time standing up for himself. Whereas someone whose arm is easily twisted might seem like a dream come true for a relationship, keep in mind you won’t be the only one twisting his arm. And you’ll get bored of someone who does everything you want eventually, anyway. A man who’s willing to march to the beat of his own drum and stand up for doing so will go much further than a man who only does what is popular.

8. He Likes To Fight

If a lot of his stories involve bar fights or how he put some guy “in his place,” be weary. While some of his stories might even seem funny in the way he tells them, his readiness to fight could show poor conflict resolution skills. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of someone who can’t control his anger. Whereas he might claim that he’d never “hit a woman,” there might be other ways in which his inability to control his anger will hurt you.

9. He Knows A Little Too Much About His Ex’s Text Messages And E-mails

If he tells you about all of his ex’s inappropriate text messages and e-mails to other people, consider this a warning sign of potentially controlling behaviour. If he kept track of his ex’s every move, how different will this be for you? If you want a relationship but also value some freedom, walk away now. Abuse comes in many forms, and controlling a partner’s media usage is one of those.

10. He’s Always The Victim

If in all his stories, everyone else is at fault but him, you can be sure that if you ever have an argument (and you will), the same pattern will follow. If he never seems to take responsibilities for his actions, this doesn’t bode well for a romantic relationship. You might end up catching him cheating and somehow being blamed for what he’s done. If he’s not mature enough to admit when he’s made a mistake, it’s time to look for a better partner.


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