Got A Mole? See What It Says About Your Personality


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A Mole is a growth on the skin that occur when cells in the skin grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. They are usually brown or black  and can appear anywhere on the skin, either alone or in groups.

Most moles appear in early childhood and during the first 30 years of a person’s life. It is normal to have between 10-40 moles by adulthood.

Have you ever imagined that a mole on your body could have something to say about your personality? Well, according to studies by ancient Chinese, moles and their placement on your body have a lot to say about you. Take a look at some of what your mole says about you.

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Forehead: Mole on the forehead denotes wealth, fame and success.

Nose: People who have moles on the nose are said to be flirts, quick to retaliate and react and are short tempered.




Cheek: Mole on the right cheek says you are a sensitive person, while on the left cheek connote you are an introvert.

Mouth or Chin:  Mole on the mouth or chin indicate a balanced, successful life. Women with on the upper lip or chin area are considered to be beautiful.

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Sclera (white part of the eye): Some rare people have moles right inside their eyes. If you have a mole inside the sclera of the right eye, then it denotes easy money, while in the left indicates arrogance.

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Beneath the eyebrows: Mole beneath the eyebrows suggest you are intelligent and creative.


mole head

Ear: Moles on ears are good moles. If it is on the right ear lobe then it indicates the person’s strong commitment towards his family.

Neck: Moles on either sides of the neck indicates that you have a good personality.

Shoulder: Moles on either shoulder shows a person has lots of responsibilities. It also shows you are a sensible and practical person.

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Arms: A mole on either of your arms indicate that you are a brave person and a good decision maker.

Chest: Moles on the chest area (on breasts too) indicates you are lazy and love to enjoy the luxuries of life.


Fingers: Moles on fingers denote obstacles in life and predicts bankruptcy in future.

Palms: Mole on the right palm suggests a wealthy life, whereas on the left suggest a spendthrift nature.

Feet: Moles on feet denote you will get lots of opportunities to travel and explore the world.

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