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Governors Salary Structure In Nigeria 2023 |FS News

This article discusses the 2023 salary structure for Governors in Nigeria. The money allocated to pay the salaries of these high-ranking government officials, who are the Chief Security Officers of their various States is frequently a . of debate, with many claiming that this is one of the factors contributing to the nation’s rising cost of governance.
The citizens of Nigeria has also alleged that t. will be more revenue available to run the affairs of the country if the federal government cut down the pay and benefits for governors. We have decided to make this a topic today, so we will be examining the average income of the Nigerian Governor. We will also examine the pay for other State officials, including the Deputy Governors, the Chairmen of Local Governments, and the Secretaries to the State Governments.
The following are the requirement for becoming a State Governor in Nigeria according to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended):


You must have been born in Nigeria
You must be at least 35 years old
You have to belong to a political party
Your sponsor should be the political party you belong to
Your term is for four years, however, after your first four years in office, you can run for re-election.
Not have acquired the citizenship of another country or pledged allegiance to that other country
You must not have held such office by-election for two previous elections. That is to say that you cannot run for a third term, as an office holder, you can only run for one additional tenure, making your years in an Office a total of Eight (8) years.
 Be a person of sound mind.
 Not have been convicted nor sentenced for any offense involving dishonesty or having been found guilty of contravention of the code of conduct within a period of less than ten (10) years before the date of the gubernatorial election.
 Not have been declared bankrupt under a Law in operation in Nigeria
 Not be a member of any secret society
 Not be employed in the public service of the federation
 Not be running for the election with a forged certificate from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

The average yearly salary for a State Governor in Nigeria this 2023 is ₦11,540,896, with the annual base salary being ₦2,223,705 and the annual leave allowance being ₦222,370.50. Every State Governor is entitled to a loan for vehicles and maintenance equal to 400 percent of his yearly basic pay, or ₦8,894,820.00, based on the 2009 approved earnings.
The Governor’s compensation package also includes housing and furniture allowances, which are also funded by the State Government, in addition to the base pay and vehicle allowance. The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Package (RMAFP), which is also a welfare program, likely explains more about the expenditures made by the country’s Governors.
The allowance in foreign currency for international travel from the State account is uncapped under this package. Also, t. is no cap on how much can be collected as a duty tour allowance for local travel by the RMAFP. On the Governor’s request, the estacode and the duty tour allowance are provided. The Governor’s medical costs are also covered by the State Government. The Governor is anticipated to earn a ₦6,671,115 severance payment after serving his term in office.
How Much Nigerian Governors Earn Monthly
According to the 2009 approved earnings accrued to Public Office holders, a State Governor is entitled to 400% of his annual basic salary which is N8,894,820.00 and serves as allowances for the maintenance of vehicles. You should also know that aside from the basic salary and vehicle allowance, t. is also another entitlement accrued to the Governor’s office. These include accommodation and furniture allowances provided by the State Government. Moreso, the State bears the brunt of the Medical expenses of the Governor.
Additionally, after a Governor has completed his tenure, such Governor will receive a severance gratuity of N6,671,115. Conclusively, these figures depicted above are the statutory Salary of a State Governor in Nigeria.
The State Governor’s salary in Nigeria this 2023 is broken down below:


Total salary: ₦11,540,896
Basic salary: ₦2,223,705
Leave allowance: ₦222,370.50
Vehicle loan: 400% of annual basic salary
End of tenure gratuity: ₦6,671,115.

The Deputy Governor’s annual salary is a little less than that of the State Governor. This 2023, a Deputy Governor in Nigeria is paid the sum of ₦10,772,296 annually. This suggests that the Deputy Governor’s base pay is ₦2,112,215. The Deputy Governor can also get an ₦8,448,860 automobile loan. Additionally, he or she receives a ₦211,221.50 annual leave allowance.
The State Government also pays for the Deputy Governor’s housing and furnishings allowance, just like it does for the Governor. The State Government also covers medical expenses. Also, t. is no defined cap on the amount of money that can be spent if the individual has to travel abroad.
The annual basic salary for the Secretary to the State Government and Commissioner is ₦1,337,225, and their total compensation is ₦10,831,522. They are also entitled to a furniture and leave allowance of ₦4,011,675. A vehicle loan of ₦5,348,900 and a severance payment of ₦4,011,675 are also given to the Secretary to the State Government and Commissioner.
T. is a limit on the total cost of international travel, unlike for Governors and Deputy Governors. The limit on local trips is ₦25,000, while that for foreign trips is fixed at $600. The compensation structure for the Chairmen of the State Independent Electoral Commission, State Civil Service Commission, State Judicial Service Commission, Local Government Service Commission, and Chief of Staff to the Governor all fall within the same range.
The Local Government Chairmen are paid a total yearly compensation of ₦5,994,659, which includes a ₦908,312 basic pay. A furniture allowance of ₦1,362,468 is also paid to them every four years. Additional benefits include a vehicle loan of ₦3,633,248 and a leave allowance of ₦N90,831.20 These government officials also get a ₦2,724,936 severance payment at the end of their four-year term.
A base salary of ₦853,056 is included in the estimated pay of ₦5,630,169.60 for the position of Deputy Local Government Chairman. In addition to a leave allowance of ₦85,305.60, the Deputy Local Government Chairman also receives a furniture allowance of ₦1,279,584 and a car loan of ₦3,412,224. He or she receives a separate ₦2,559,168.00 payment at the conclusion of their term as severance pay.
The following is the detailed breakdown of the Local Government Councilors and Local Government Secretaries salary structure in Nigeria this 2023:


Total salary: ₦5,341,380
Basic salary: ₦809,300
Furniture allowance: ₦1,213,950
Leave allowance: ₦80,930
Vehicle loan: ₦3,237,200
End of tenure gratuity: ₦2, 427, 900.

The above is the official salary structure of a Governor in Nigeria. You were expecting something higher right? i was like you before I got this information. but notwithstanding, governors have their way of making extra income from the federal government and the citizens. hence every rich politician wants to be governor of their state.


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