Great Foundation Brands To Step Up Your Makeup Game

Last week, we did a post that teaches you how to pick your perfect foundation shade. We’re . today to recommend great foundation brands you can use to step up your makeup game. A lot of people do not know that you cannot use just about any foundation. Foundations are formulated specifically for your skin type: dry, oily or combination. Foundations are also made based on coverage type: medium coverage or full coverage.

The foundations I am about to discuss are called drugstore brands. Drugstore brands are foundation
brands that you can get in any outlet or mall around you. They’re not so
expensive compared to high-end brands like MAC,
or Giorgio Armani, etc. These
drugstore brands are super good too.

One of the most popular of all drugstore brands is Maybelline New York. Let’s begin with Maybelline,
shall we?

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This foundation offers a medium coverage and a matte finish.
It is lightweight and feels incredibly light on the face which is a great
option for those who are not used to wearing makeup. You won’t feel like you’re
wearing makeup at all. The Maybelline Fit Me foundation is great for people
with oily skin.

foundation brands
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Also from Maybelline is the Superstay full coverage foundation. Superstay foundation is thicker
and offers total coverage. It conceals blemishes and dark spots without the
help of a concealer. Another advantage of the Superstay foundation is that it
contains SPF 15 (sun protection
factor). SPF helps protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
Maybelline Superstay foundation is perfect for dry skin.

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This foundation comes in two formulas: normal/dry skin and
combination/oily skin. So when you go to the store, you should pick the one that
suits your skin best. Revlon Colorstay is a total coverage foundation with a
matte finish. Also, the foundation does not oxidize. Meaning that, it does not change
color or tone after exposure to air or other factors; what you wear is what you
get even after hours. It contains SPF 15 and comes in a variety of shades. T.’s
no way you won’t find a shade that matches your skin perfectly!


This foundation comes in 33 shades. Yup! You read that
right. Tell me how you won’t find your perfect shade. This foundation gives a
light medium coverage and is suitable for all skin types. It is non-cakey and
oil free. The foundation can stay up to six hours with no touch-ups and still
won’t break.


This foundation serves as two things – a concealer and a
foundation. This obviously makes it a full coverage foundation. The foundation
is matte so if you struggle with oily skin, you may want to jump on it. It blends
easily and can stay for as long as eight hours. It is super affordable and
comes in about 14 shades. The shades are numbered 1-14 and the last five shades
(10-14) are the mostly used shades in Nigeria.

foundation brands
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The name is as old as time itself. So old that people,
especially men, refer to all makeup as Mary Kay. Some of us grew up watching
our mothers use Mary Kay and . we are, using the very same product. A lot of
people have stopped using this product because the market has been infiltrated
with fakes, but if you can lay your hands on the genuine Mary Kay foundation,
you will be the one testifying. Visit authentic makeup shops to purchase
original products.

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The Mary Kay medium
coverage foundation
can be used for everyday makeup. It is lightweight and
does not clog to pores. It can stay for as long as 8 hours.

foundation brands
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If you are the type with a really oily skin, Mary Kay Timewise matte wear foundation
is . to the rescue. Matte-wear is slightly more expensive than Mary Kay
medium coverage foundation. As I said earlier, matte-wear is perfect for oily
skin. It is also an age-fighting foundation. It makes the skin look firmer
after application, plus, it is suitable for all sensitive skin.

foundation brands
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Bringing it back home, Zaron is a Nigerian makeup brand and
their foundation is not to be underestimated. Zaron Healthy Glow foundation provides a matte finish and blends
into the skin smoothly. With SPF 30, the skin is sure protected from the
harmful rays of the sun. This foundation contains compositions that help control
oil and can lead to long-lasting wear. Another advantage of this product is
that it was specially made for black skin tone and to withstand the Nigerian
weather. It comes in eight shades.

foundation brands
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Tara is also a Nigerian brand that is doing incredibly
amazing in the makeup business. Just like Zaron, Tara products are formulated
to suit our dark skin. Tara foundation sits smoothly on the skin and gives a
flawless finish. This foundation is oil free and helps to control excess oil.

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This is probably the most affordable of the foundation brands listed . today. Classic makeup USA is of Nigerian origin; its owner is a Nigerian. I guess it was manufactured in USA hence the tag. The foundation is super thick. It gives a full coverage but cannot last for so long compared to other foundations listed .. But for its price, I would say it is a pretty good foundation. By the way, if you have a really oily face, you may want to stay away from this foundation.

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Let us know in the comment section the foundation brands you have used and if you feel we did not include a particular brand, by all means, let us know.

Thank you for reading!

. Great Foundation Brands To Step Up Your Makeup Game .

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