Great Pics of beige nail art designs 2019


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Beige Nail Designs

Great Pics of beige nail art designs 2019. It has been extremely popular for many years. It has become classics when it deals with the outfit the same as with nail design. It is so universal that you won’t think about how well it will go with a smart suit or a party dress. It is all about beige color.

beige nail art designs 2019

beige nail art designs 2019

Why do women choose beige? The answer is obvious. Because beige color is one of the most popular and universal colors. And the reasons why it is so on trend are different. This color, like black and white, can match any outfit you choose, starting from a wedding dress, ending up a smart suit for a business meeting. It is really nice and gentle that it can become a great decoration for any life event. Whether you go to the party, beige will make you hot and sexy on the dance floor, or you hold an important event, this color will add elegance to your look. Moreover, beige is one of those hues that really match any skin color!

Talking about shapes and lengths, we can mention short square and oval nails which are probably the best ones to apply the polish on. Among others, there are long stilettos and long coffin nails, although they are less popular.

How can we diversify beige manicure? The question of decorating the nails is relative. Some women won’t spoil the purity of the beige color as it looks calm and subtle. However, talking about nail art, there are always women who want to experiment. Beige is not an exception. In most cases, these experiments are worth trying! You can mix beige with red, white, black, turquoise and green. You can also go for different techniques among which you can find a popular ombre, an interesting line work, a French manicure. Nobody will stop you from applying gold and silver glitters as they will highlight a manicure; you can pull off 3D decorations and rhinestones as they will add elegance to your image; you can also use beige as a base color and apply different sweet decals on the nails.

There is nothing more tender than a light beige color on the nails. Almond nail shape turns out to be one of the best variants for applying beige color with a few decorations.

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Beige is one of the colors that are difficult to get right. However, there is an option which will be trendy throughout years – a daring mixture of beige and black with dramatic roses is a wonderful choice!

It looks like there are two different nail designs yet it’s one unusual manicure. Fashionable beige color with matte top coat and silver sequins on the inner sides of the nails – that’s what you need to grab attention!

If you can’t decide what manicure you want, you can mix different nail polishes. Just apply light and dark beige colors as bases, paint stripes, put decorations and adorn the nails with silver shining!

When you try something new, don’t be afraid of such uncommon combinations as light beige and shiny metallic silver. Together with luxury rhinestones, they will create an admirable set!


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