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A healthy head of hair is every woman’s dream. It’s the reason we spend money on shampoos, conditioners and generally any hair product that promises to grow our hair.

Hair products are necessary to maintain and manage your hair. However, you’ll need to go a step further if you want to grow your hair fast. Hair supplements have nutrients that nourish the hair from the inside and this is how they work. Also, they’re able to stimulate hair growth and even improve the natural colour of your hair.

We’ve specially selected four brands that are sure to give you the results you need.

  1. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplement

This is the top selling hair growth supplement in the U.S and we’re sure it is for a reason. According to their website, ”Viviscal Extra Strength dietary supplements contain the exclusive marine complex AminoMar®, as well as Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Horsetail Extract and Iron, to nourish hair from within. Viviscal Extra Strength has been scientifically proven to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth”.

Viviscal is available to buy in Nigeria . for N25,256. Yeah it’s kinda pricey but given their rave reviews, we think it’s worth it.

grow your hair fast


2. The Mane Choice

Manetabolism Plus is a physician-formulated, multicultural, healthy hair growth and retention vitamin that aids in promoting healthy hair, nails, and skin” according to the brand

This is another brand that will work to grow your hair fast. It’s got high ratings but doesn’t cost as much as the first. It’s available from N9,500 for a month’s supply ..

grow your hair fast


3. Hairfinity

”Hairfinity Hair Vitamins are formulated with hair specific nutrients to nourish your hair from the INSIDE OUT and promote faster growing, longer, thicker, stronger hair, and more vibrant hair”, according to the brand.

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Celebrities like Kim and Khloe Kardashian made this brand popular when it was first launched some years ago. And it’s currently one of the most popular hair supplements in the market. It’s available . from N8,500.

grow your hair fast


4. Vitabiotics Perfectil Plus Hair Extra Suppport

”Perfectil Plus Hair is a specialist formula developed to provide even greater support for your hair, and has been designed to complement your daily beauty routine. Perfectil Plus Hair is formulated to nourish from the inside with micronutrients including:

  • Unique Colourel blend, with copper which contributes to normal hair pigmentation (colour)
  • Biotin, selenium and zinc which all contribute to the maintenance of normal hair
  • Also includes Amino Acids, Marine Collagen, Inositol and Grape Seed extract

American singer, Nicole Scherzinger endorses this brand.  It will also grow your hair fast and it’s available . for N4400.

grow your hair fast


These supplements will certainly grow your hair fast. But be sure to take them with meals and not on an empty stomach. Also, if you’re pregnant or lactating then they’re not for you.

Grow your hair fast

(The Guardian Nigeria)

Be sure to take them consistently for at least three months to see visible results.

To keep your hair healthy, t. is something else you should watch out for.


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