1] by poems..

Poems is another old means of communication,

you can expressed all your emotions,pains,angers and love via poems.

Ladies re much touch when they read your composed poems.

A very well composed poems with a good handwriting and rythmes can woo a lady you love so much without stress.

2] By love letter.

I know this is an oldest means of love communication.

But yet have more positive effects on lady’s emotions and feelings til date,instead of you getting her number,her blackberry pin’s number and .’s username.You dont need that,

To be sincere with you,

Ladies of nowadays re not move easily by every single words you types on whatsap or . any longer except th few naives ones,cos,

they will ordinarily see it as a mere words for chating sake.

Moreover,you re serious about the words you types.

However,in recent time, guys tend to expressed their feelings through . and whatsap after getting their contacts,and still failed to woo the lady’s heart,But if you arrange your love letter with a decent and lovely handwriting,adding emotional love and expression to your words lyrically.I bet you,the girl of your dream is yours,cos the lady you wrote the letter to,

will be so much impressed with your handwritting and belief in every single meaning of the words you wrote in there. 

3] By phonetext

this means of expression or communication through text messages used to be taking seriously by ladies before,anyway it s not too old,cos i remember back in the days when mtn,glo and airtel was new in nigeria,

you send your girlfriend an early morning text messages,

she will either called you to know if you mean what you wrote or she would looked at it childishly and smiles at it with excitedness when she is reading it.

i’ve observed this medium from my cousins and my lovely girlfreind back then in school days,but it seems to be outdated cos our network competitors provider such as mtn,glo and airtel tends to give us free sms,hence it has reduced the tastes of the convincing words behind a phone text messages,since it became a common usages like whatsap and . chat.Hence,few teen girls still belief in phone text message til date.


4] the lady’s friend

you can woo a girl,if yu know her girlfriend.

Get close to her friend,then Expressed how you feels towards her girl friend and let her friend be able to convince her for you by doing the talking whìle you re doing the acting or demonstrating your feelings towards her,hence she will be yours without stress cos she will believe her girlfriend’s words more than whatever you may say to her verbally..

5] the Gift

there are many gift in the markets but there re special ones meant for the kind of a girl you admired or beloved.

How can yu get that special gift for her Is the next question that linger in our minds.

first of all,found out what she love best/most,and if it s something that makes her happy,then get it for her,

to make her happy and see how your dream girl will be yours forever.

6] caring

this is also a means of wooing a lady or a guy you love so much.

It s an oldest means of expressions and communications Even in those days.

this is the kind of bodily expressions that gives a bodily languages to the heart,

You dont need to talks too much about your feelings here,but from the way you acted towards her and your steps of taking good care of her,whenever she needs you at that moment,

is the only way you can expressed your feelings to her.

As time goes on,she will begins to notice that,she is very important to you,hence,she tends to beloved and be soft hearted towards you..

Caring is one of the motion that can move the unrequited love away and joins the heartbeat and emotions together to form an endlesslove in the soul. 

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