GUYS!! Signs You Are Moving Too Fast With A Lady You Have Just Met

When a man meets a lady for the first time and shows interest in her, it’s mostly for two major reasons he actually likes her or he wants S£X. Ladies also know that these are major things that most men go after, though they are more cautious of the S£X part, so as not to get used.

A man might actually like a lady and still pass the wrong message by moving extremely too fast, and this might end up chasing the lady away.
Women love when things are done at the right time or at least when moments are being created rather than being forced. Love and s’εx are the two major things that make a man move too fast…but they both leave scary impressions.

1. BEING TOO ‘SMOOCHY’ THE FIRST TIME: A lot of men do this just after meeting a lady; some even start being frisky on the first date, and this usually sends the wrong message to that lady. Except she also wants to get frisky with you then this would really put her off — cos you are sending the wrong message and you’re moving too fast.

2. ASKING FOR A RELATIONSHIP IMMEDIATELY AFTER: Even if you actually love her, asking for a relationship immediately after meeting her would be too scary and to her risky as well, and not every lady would appreciate such risks. She would need to know a little about your personality at least and know the kind of man you are before she would think it’s okay.

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3. SHOWING TOO MANY EMOTIONS: Whether it’s love or s’εx, when you meet a lady newly, showing strong emotions might put her off. A lot of men do this; they show their anger, jealousy, being possessive and domineering and a whole lot of other emotions when they meet a lady newly. This shows you are moving way too fast, and you might scare her off as well.

4. WANTING TO MEET HER FAMILY MEMBERS: When a man meets a lady newly, it should be just about her, you start from the surface before going to personal things, and her family is personal at that point. You have to open her up, mean something to her, before such tapes should begin to pan out.

5. BEING TOO CLINGY: A lot of people are clingy after meeting someone, but it ought not to be so. Being clingy can send the wrong message and put a lady off, even if you previously made a good impression. You can be too clingy with your calls, your requests, and your attitude etcetera.

6. EXPECTING SO MUCH: When you meet a lady newly, building expectations from her is definitely a wrong move and it points that you are moving too fast too. The only time you should really have expectations is when you are dating her already; other than that, winning her heart should be the only priority.

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