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The tittle sounds really frightening doesn’t it? The first thing on your mind right now would probably be ” is she crazy how can you use a flat cloth iron for your hair”. Well folks desperate time calls for desperate measure, now usually this hair hack is been used in college/university by really desperate school girls, I remember my room mate used to put the iron on a low temperature to straighten her hair, I thought it was just madness, well I still think its a bit maddening, but I’ll have to admit trying it out one time when my straightener refused to heat up, I had my room mate try using a flat iron on my hair, boy was I scared. Am scared when I use the straightener itself  (its super hot) not to talk about using a flat iron, I almost had a heart attack but I was a bit calm since it was just my parted hair (I had a weave in).

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All this memory came in when I saw a similar article about this hair hack online and of cause it has received a lot of backlash but the truth is we do this not really understanding the full implications of what we are doing, some folks are already used to this, although I’ve never heard or seen anyone being burnt from flat ironing their hair before but this can be really dangerous when the proper precautions are not taken.

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I would say my stance on this hack is in-between reason being, my flat mate always allowed the cloth iron heat up and then removed it from the socket and then use, but in this instance that am about to show you, the flat iron looks like its plugged in and the hair is been ironed out like you do for cloths which is very very risky and dangerous. This housewife took the risk of ironing her hair although you have to admit the finished product looks good but well its still way to dangerous and should not be done for any reason.





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Using Iron





So guys what do you think about this hair hack, would you ever try something like this or its just a very disastrous venture I would love to hear your thoughts on this and I would love to read your stories if you have tried this hair hack before, just leave your . in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: Please do not try this at all.

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