Half Up Topknot Tutorial – Let Loose With This Easy How-To


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Hey everyone! This is Jenny from The Confessions of a Hairstylist and I am back to share another amazing hair tutorial with you. With topknots on their way out, we make room for the half up topknot! This look is fresh and almost every woman can rock it.

The half up topknot works great for women who loves wearing their hair down, but want to add a little bit of spunk to their down style.

This look is ideal for second-day hair or for you ladies that like a lot of texture in your styles. If you’re going for the “dirty hair don’t care” look on clean hair, then blast your hair with a little bit of dry shampoo for texture and volume before you get started. Now follow my easy step by steps to learn about this must-do hairstyle for summer!

What You Need:

– Your favorite dry shampoo (optional)

– A clear elastic

– 3-4 bobby pins

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– Your favorite light hold hairspray

The Half Up Topknot Tutorial:

1. Take your pointer fingers and starting around your temple area, part your hair creating a crescent shape.

2. Pull all the hair above the temple area upwards and create a ponytail in your crown area.

3. Secure your ponytail with an elastic band

4. Since this is a half knot, you tend not to have as much hair in your ponytail. I suggest slightly teasing it for bulk and volume.

5. Now, create a bun shape by taking your teased ponytail and wrapping it around your elastic band.

6. Secure with bobby pins

7. To create a tousled texture, lighty tug on your hair to create a looser looking topknot.

8. Finish this look off with a medium hold hairspray.

Pretty easy, right? This is the perfect hairstyle for everyday wear, or even a special date night or girls weekend. I hope you’ll try this half up topknot tutorial soon! For even more fabulous hair tips and tutorials, come visit me at The Confessions of a Hairstylist and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Photography by Amy Frances


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