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If you’re planning to have a typical Nigerian wedding, we have the cheat codes.

Nigerians are really simple people if you know how to get them. That’s why these tips are important: with these key tips, your Nigerian wedding will be a success all around.

Nigerian Weddings

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This is what you need to do:

1. Appease the extended family

You can’t have a stress-free Nigerian wedding if you haven’t paid your dues by making sure that your relatives and that of your spouse are satisfied. They will make some outrageous demands, just be ready to dance to their tune. These people can frustrate you if you’re not tactful.

2. Let t. be plenty of food

Food is one way to get into our hearts as Nigerians. Food don finish is probably the worst thing that could happen at your wedding, so make sure the food is plentiful. Make sure that the people in charge of the food start serving it as early as possible, you don’t want grumbling wedding guests.

Nigerian wedding

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3. Your DJ should be fire

T.’s nothing worse than a boring wedding, and that’s w. your DJ comes in. He should know all the popular banging songs and . them back to back. Your guests won’t stop dancing.

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Nigerian wedding

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4. Hire a good MC

Your wedding day is not dry jokes day, abeg. Your MC should be someone who knows how to . a crowd, keeping them laughing and happy. The right MC can help you get plenty money on your wedding day!

Nigerian wedding

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These tips (and plenty praying in tongues) are all you need to have a Nigerian wedding without tears.

Nigerian wedding

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Now that you’ve planned your perfect Nigerian wedding, expect these guests to show up.




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