Have You Seen How These Fashionable Kids Stunt On Instagram?


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We just can’t get over these kids who stunt on the ‘gram!

So many kids are having stylish parents out . and are being dressed so well! You literally get some sort of baby fever when you check Instagram and you get to see all these young stylish kids stunting on the gram. The best thing is you get to teach your little one how to dress up for different occasions at such an early age.

. are our top 4 stylish kids on Instagram:
1. Globe trotter:

This stylish chic is showing us how to be minimal and chic when travelling around the world. She sits pretty around the Eiffel tower in her all denim jacket and sneakers taking casual wear to a whole other level. If you’re trvelling out of town, this is what your little one should wear.

stylish kids, fashion for kids kenya fashion

.: fashionbombkids

2. Simple Chic.

How cute and simple does this cutie look in this outfit? She’s worn an all white outfit with a pop of red sneakers. Her sunglasses are clearly stylish and we are not to mess with her.

stylish kids, fashion for kids kenya fashion

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.: fashionbombkids

3. Spring Chic.

Did toy know you can look absolutely gorge in a black tutu skirt paired with a black top and leather jacket. This bomb girl is giving us punk rock vibes in the spring time. We love it!

stylish kids, fashion for kids kenya fashion

.: fashionbombkids

4. Warm weather style.

This bomb girl was warm weather ready. She posed for the gram in a cute floral print jumpsuit. She looks ready for the summer weather with her added trendy sunglasses as her main accessory. I would dress my child for a froyo date in this.

fashion style for kids

.: fashionbombkids

Would you dress your children to stunt on the ‘gram?

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