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Have You Tried Chicken Bread? I Try Sardine, Chocolate and Coconut Bread

If you love Bread put your hands up. If you’ve ever had Bread with Butter, Beans, Stew, Sardine, Eggs then you know what hot soft bread means. What’s your favourite way to enjoy bread? I stopped by at the Breadish Bakery in Yaba a few days ago and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they have Chicken Bread, Sardine Bread, Chocolate Bread, Coconut Bread! What do these taste like? Watch the video below. If you enjoy this video, click the LIKE Button on the video and leave me a comment, I love to read your contributions. If you’ve been watching my videos and you are not SUBSCRIBED, do SUBSCRIBE now so that you never miss my videos. Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE.


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