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“Having Kids Is Selfish, I Would Rather Travel And Enjoy Posh Dinners” FS News

Chandler Carter, a young woman who hasn’t started a family yet, has expressed the belief that having children is “selfish.”

Despite growing up with the expectation that motherhood was the natural progression in life, her perspective shifted during university when she observed child-free women leading fulfilling lives.


At 24, she discovered that parenthood wasn’t her desire and now focuses on traveling two to three times a year and indulging in fine dining experiences.

The social media manager would prefer to “regret” not having a child, than motherhood itself.


Chandler, from New York, US, said: “I want to be child-free. You can be happy. I’d rather regret not having children than having a child and regretting the role of being a mum.

“I don’t fault people for having children but the reasons are selfish. People want them to be a better parent than theirs were or because they want a mini me. Having a child is in.ntly selfish.”

Up until university Chandler thought she would go on to get married and have kids. She was always convinced she wanted two to three babies.


But after seeing women thriving in their career, she saw all the possibilities of being child-free.

Now Chandler has big dreams to own a penthouse and one day move to Europe.

She added:-


“I’m in my 20s living in New York City. We go out, we have fun. We spend money frivolously. I can go to happy hour after work. I don’t have to cook if I don’t want to. I’m a big foodie, I love to eat out.

“Sometimes I spend a little too much money on dinner and drinks but I don’t feel bad. My cost of living is cheaper – I only provide for me.

“If I were to have children, living in New York wouldn’t be an option. Things in my life would have to change – sacrifices I wouldn’t want to make.”


Chandler likes to be able to travel two to three times a year. Despite wanting to be an auntie to her friends’ kids one day, she believes having children is “selfish”.

She concluded:-


“A lot of people believe the steps in life are you go to college, get a job, find a partner, get married, have kids and buy a house.

“I don’t think a lot of people think about having children. They do it because that’s all they see.”

She is opening about wanting to remain child-free when dating and has had a positive response since she has.


The American concluded:-

“Prior to that I got looks and asked ‘why wouldn’t you want to be a mum?’ People don’t take the decision seriously.

“They say ‘you’re going to change your mind’ or ‘you’ll be lonely’. I want my life to be mine until the day I die.”

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