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Health Benefits of Drinking Lemongrass FS News

Why you should drink Lemongrass

The health benefits of lemongrass is tremendous
due to its superior anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties. Traditionally used to ease a particular respiratory problem which includes laryngitis and also sore throats, lemongrass has gained an identity because of its anti-pyretic property that decreases higher fevers.

1.High Blood Pressure:
Lemongrass contains the content of potassium. Potassium is very useful to maintain the level of blood pressure. Drinking one glass of Citralife lemongrass herbal tea daily is very effective to reduce high blood pressure.


Lemongrass possesses anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-hypercholesterolemic properties that support healthy cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that the regular consumption of lemongrass has shown significant results in sustaining healthy levels of triglycerides and reducing the LDL cholesterol in the body. This helps in preventing the accumulation of lipids in the blood vessels and promotes the unobstructed flow of blood in the arteries and prevents various cardiac disorders such as atherosclerosis.

  1. Headache and migraine relief:
    Probably the most typical therapeutic purposes of lemongrass typically are for headache relief. Now it’s been shown to be a minimum of competitive with aspirin – only safer. A 5 year research of plants utilized in traditional medicine lately documented in Evidence-based Complementary as well as Alternative Medicine which lemongrass exhibits similar activity to aspirin for treating headaches as well as migraines.

4.Type-2 Diabetes:
Lemongrass has been proven beneficial in treating Type-2 diabetes. Studies have shown that the citral present in lemongrass helps to maintain optimum levels of insulin and improves the tolerance of glucose in the body. Purifying and cleansing effect of lemongrass tea help to cleanse/detoxify the pancreas and improve its functions, thus lowering blood sugar level in diabetics.

  1. Cold and Cough:
    If you are suffering from fever, cold and cough then the simple home remedies is lemongrass. Lemongrass ‘Kadha’ is given to patients who are suffering from the cold. Lemongrass is very good detoxifier and diuretic and relieves in fever. It is very useful remedy in Cold and Cough. Lemongrass tea is also effective in cold and cough.
  2. Stomach Ache and diarrhea:
    Lemongrass is primarily taken like a tea to treat digestive problems, diarrhea as well as stomachache. It calms the muscles of the stomach as well as gut, reduces cramping pains as well as flatulence as well as being ideal for children.
  3. Weight loss:
    Drinking lemongrass tea helps to melt fats in a detoxifying manner. The diuretic effect helps carry out the wastes in high volume, effectively and quickly, resulting in weight loss.
  4. Arthritis, Gout and Sprains:
    Lemongrass is perfect for individuals struggling with arthritis difficulties. Patients struggling with conditions just like bone related problems as well as osteoarthritis are extremely benefited by utilizing lemongrass.

9..Skin Care:
Lemongrass has been treasured as a skin tonic and makes an effective cleanser for oily or acne-prone skin, due to its astringent and antiseptic qualities. Regularly drinking lemongrass tea helps to improve acne problem, eczema and psoriasis. Lemongrass also an antimycotic that means it is very useful to remove fungus infection on the skin. Many skin experts are used lemongrass as short-term solution in skin firming treatment.

  1. Constipation:
    It will help in throwing out the poisonous materials through the body and is also the perfect cleanser for the pancreas, liver, colon, bladder as well as kidney. It is simple on the stomach and also helps with appropriate digestion of food.
  2. Proven Beneficial to Cope with Acne and Pimples:
    It’s got restorative as well as regenerative qualities and t.fore traditionally used in treating acne as well as pimples. Since it helps you to clean up the body of toxins, additionally, it flushes away the grime and dirt through the skin.
  3. Protect from Cancer:
    According to the research Lemongrass is very effective in liver cancer. According to the “Journal Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology” lemongrass oil prevent from growth of breast cancer cells. Researcher found that a drink with one gm lemongrass could cause cancer cells to commit suicide through apoptosis.
  4. Anemia :
    Because of its high-content in iron, that is required for the synthesis of hemoglobin (the protein in red cells accountable for carrying oxygen through the entire body) lemongrass is effective for a number of kinds of anemia, particularly those caused by an iron deficiency.

14 Painkillers(Anti-inflammatory and anti-septic)
Lemongrass is proven to be an excellent analgesic that can help to provide relief from all sorts of inflammation as well as irritability associated with aches and pains. In case you have toothache, muscle ache, joint pain or even almost every other pain, just be sure you munch on lemongrass for immediate rest from pain.

  1. Gastritis or Heartburn:
    A warm mug of lemongrass tea can be very soothing when having gastritis or acid indigestion. Drinking the tea therapeutically will gradually reduce the recurrence of both gastritis and heartburn.



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