HEALTH CHECK: These Foods Cause Anxiety And Incresed Blood Pressure


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Living a healthy lifestyle is hugely dependent on the foods we consume. That is why Nutritionists advise we take balanced diet and healthy meals at all times. However, there are certain food or eating habits you should avoid because they can be detrimental to the health.

Some food when eaten in excess are known to cause cancer, for example noodles, while others can alleviate the effects of cancer, e.g, ginger is known to have so many healing benefits, including eliminating ovarian cancer. However, the food on this list should be avoided as they can increase anxiety level and invariably lead to high blood pressure.

If you are already suffering from anxiety, the last thing you want is to eat something that will aggravate the situation. These foods are not bad on their own, but should be eaten moderately to enhance a calmer and more releasing state of health.

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1. Fried Foods

Fast food, fried food, highly processed foods, plus dairy and sweet desserts, are usually interesting and thrills the taste buds more than healthy food. But they increase depression and anxiety. A study found out that people who are addicted to this sort of diet have 58% higher chances of depression. All the chemicals in these foods gang up to increase your blood sugar level. Endeavour to replace these junks with whole foods such as fish, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

2. Coffee

If you want to leave long, please don’t fall into coffee trap. This pale-brown beverage is good for short-term energy boost only, and to stay awake, although it works in reverse for some people. On the contrary it has an effect on the brain whereby it suppresses a key hormone called serotonin whose function is to keep the brain calm and relaxed. Coffee is also a stimulant and a diuretic, which meaning more trips to the bathroom. So less coffee results in more alertness, positivity and calmness.

3. Salt

Salt is meant to add taste and can only be appreciated in small quantity. When it exceeds its limit, it turns everything bitter. Surplus salt increases blood pressure and the heart has to work even harder at this point. This releases even more adrenaline, tension occurs and it could lead to heart burn and attack.

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4. Sugar


Sugar is used to sweeten food and is from fructose which is a derivative of a di-saccharide called sucrose. It also found in the body and is useful, but when it becomes excess in the blood it activates stress hormone cortisol. This means anxiety can surface far too quickly. We can cut down on other foods that have sugar as major ingredients – soft drinks, ice cream, etc.

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5. Alcohol

It would be too good to be true if alcohol could lift your mood and keep anxiety locked up. If this ever happens, it is temporary and is only a passing phase. In the long run, alcohol would block off the serotonin in the brain that helps to regulate your mood and prevent you from getting caught up in anxious thoughts. If you’re anxious and take alcohol in a bid to calm yourself down, you are only pulling the trigger for future anxiety breakdown.

6. Refined Grains


A lot of refined breads and other white foods contain preservatives, sugar, and unhealthy fats. In addition, all the natural vitamins and minerals have been stripped out of the flour in the processing and baking. Also these refined grains are made up of mostly sugar and starch which will send your blood sugar levels on another rollercoaster.

7. Starvation

Do not skip any meal, especially breakfast because if you do so you are welcoming anxiety into your life. Skipping meals during the day can cause your blood sugar levels to scale up, bringing on anxiety and irritability.

8. Too Much Carbohydrates

Another food habit that can lead to anxiety is consuming more carbohydrates and little protein, especially during breakfast. The adult body normally need about 25 grams of protein at breakfast to prevent those blood sugar levels from going crazy. Simply add an egg, yogurt, or butter to increase the protein in your meal.

Finally, after avoiding the above mentioned food and eating habits, here are some food you should eat to prevent anxiety: spinach, oatmeal, salmon, dark chocolate, asparagus, avocado, oranges, almonds, and whole grains. Have a calmer and anxiety-free life.

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