Here Are Some After-Party Wedding Dress Ideas For The Groovy Bride


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You might be wondering why anyone needs an after-party wedding dress. Well, although most couples just extend their reception such that it also serves as an after-party, some couples end the reception and have an after-party.

For various reasons (including not wanting the prying eyes of parents), couples have after-parties and the bride definitely needs a pro-gbedu dress. Here are some after-party wedding dress ideas you’ll find helpful:


Jumpsuits are a mix of comfy and regal when you pull it off nicely. It can even have a train as long as it allows you to enjoy the after-party.

after-party wedding dress

(Photo: Instagram/ezeazenabor)

Short white dress

Because you’re the bride and it’s still your day in white. If you want to wear your white wedding gown all through the day and you don’t want to break the white flow, a white short dress is a great choice.

Short coloured dress

And if you don’t mind the colour of the dress, a short loose, flowery or glittery dress is definitely a great choice.

after-party wedding dress

(Photo: Instagram/Inidimaokojie)

Tulle dresses

Tulle dresses give you a princessy feel while allowing you dance all you want because of the leg room. It could be short or knee length.

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after-party wedding dress

(Photo: Instagram/ynf_weddings)

High slit dress

Often, the goal of changing into another outfit for the after-party is to get more comfortable. So, if your reception dress has a high slit that allows you the luxury of being able to flaunt those legs on the dance floor…please wear it!

after-party wedding dress

(Photo: Instagram/munaluchibride)

See through dress

It could be short or long or uneven, but the shorter, the better, wink.

after-party wedding dress

(Photo: Instagram / Abi_kd)

While figuring out your after-party wedding dress, don’t forget to get comfortable shoes. Meanwhile, . are some ideas for your reception dress.

Featured Image:@adebayoderu via Instagram

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