Here Are Some Gorgeous Engagement Rings To Add To Your Wish List


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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend: actually, diamonds and every other gem. We love shiny things, so it’s totally okay to have a wish list of gorgeous engagement rings that you like to admire (or you can allow bae to accidentally see it sometime).

Engagement rings come in different cuts, shapes and prices and contrary to popular belief, beauty is not proportional to price. T. are a lot of engagement ring vendors in Nigeria. So, if you find one you like but can’t afford, you can get a vendor to make it for you at a reduced price.

These seven gorgeous engagement rings belong in your image gallery:

Navy blue simplicity

You can be royally simple and sweet. The colour of this stone makes it bright enough to be noticed from afar and the size keeps the simplicity in check.

engagement rings

(Photo: Pinterest via replica art deco)

Rose gold and bling

If you’re the kind of bride that likes a combination of subtle and loud, this will be great. The rose gold and the diamond stones complement each other perfectly.

engagement rings

(Photo: Pinterest via Suncoast gem lab)

Sky blue rock

All ye lovers of blue, get in .! Gold and white diamonds always go together, and the combination makes the blue centre stone pop even more.


Engagement rings

(Photo: Azarai)


The combination of the clear stone just sitting pretty on the black ring gives off a simply amazing contrast. This looks like a ring that will turn heads.

engagement rings

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(Photo: Ringreview)

 Vintage rubies

If you’re a lover of vintage and rings that tell a story, this might interest you. The arrangement of the rubies beautifully guarding the diamonds gives us an antique vibe.

engagement rings

(Photo: Azarai)

Colour burst

And it’s okay if you just want a little bit of all the colours of the rainbow. The design complements it even better as it looks like an outpour of fruits. Beautiful!

engagement rings

(Photo: Pinterest via Ahalife)

Unmistakeably huge

If you’re the kind of girl that doesn’t want anybody to be unsure about the size of your rock, this one’s for you. Let the size of the diamonds speak for you. The mixture of rose gold with gold and diamonds will make your ring a hot topic.

engagement rings

(Photo: Azarai)

Did you find anyone you like? Meanwhile, have you ever wondered how the origin of the wedding ring finger started? Here’s how.

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