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Life doesn’t have a warning sign for emergency situations yet, and that’s why the wedding day must-haves are important.  Although we hope our dear brides don’t encounter these situations, it’s better safe than sorry.
These wedding day must-haves will definitely save you some stress
1. Sewing kit

Now and again brides could have dress emergencies. It could be for the bridesmaid or even for the bride herself. It could range from a rip to a zip issue and you may not have the tailor on speed dial so it’s safer to be prepared.

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2. Pins

All types and as many as you can! Safety pins, hair pins, office pins, bobby pins… Did we miss anyone? T.’s always a need for it.

3. Extra underwear

As we said anything can happen. Most brides already have packed bags for the honeymoon, but in the very possible case that the bag is in the hotel room or in one of the car boots… Out of reach, what would happen? So, have a handy extra pair of pants and a bra.

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4. Medication

It’s a party so t.’s always a huge chance of eating wrongly or start having a symptom at the venue. When this happens, hopefully, it’ll be nothing painkillers or purgatives won’t solve. So, having medication handy will definitely take a lot of stress off your plate.

wedding day must-haves

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5. Sanitary towel/pant liners

A period emergency – the least expected but the most annoying when or if it happens. So having these ready and some painkillers ready will reduce the automatic stress of the even thinking of having a period on your wedding day.

6. A pair of flats

This can’t be emphasized enough. Some brides can pull off wearing their heels from morning till evening- MVPs! Some brides can absolutely not make it. If you fall into the latter category, t.’s no problem at all, except to just nicely bring out your sandals and be happy. You cannot come and kill yourself!

Wedding day must-haves have saved a lot of brides unnecessary stress, so just gather these things in a bag and your maid of honour will keep it handy for you. Have you ever considered a wedding getaway? you should actually.





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