Here’s A Guide To Choosing Your Honeymoon Lingerie


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For some brides, the honeymoon lingerie is the cherry on top of their honeymoon ice-cream so, they have it all figured out. But for some, it hasn’t even crossed their minds one bit.

Packing lingerie isn’t compulsory, but it could spice up your entire honeymoon experience. So, if you have no idea w. to begin, please read on.

How long are you staying?

The duration of your honeymoon is the perfect gauge for how much lingerie to pack. While some brides might want to have different lingerie for every day, some might just take for every other day. The great thing about packing lingerie is that it takes up little or no space, so you can take as much as you want.

honeymoon lingerie

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Regular undies too

Don’t forget to bring your everyday undies and nightwear too. When shopping for your lingerie, most people forget that they could throw in some beautiful but regular undies and pyjamas that you can wear on some days and sleep pretty.


Remember to bring something you can just chill in. It could be a robe or a casual big t-shirt. T. might be days when you’re not going anyw. and you won’t feel like walking around the room naked or in lingerie. So, think of something casual and comfy.

honeymoon lingerie

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Two heads are better than one

When you’re going honeymoon lingerie shopping, it’s always more fun to have company. If you’re shy, it’s best to go with someone you’re comfortable with. You could make a “girls’ day” out of it!

honeymoon lingerie

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It’s up to you in the end

Finally, remember that it’s okay not to buy any honeymoon lingerie. Your honeymoon should be a time of pleasure and rest, so honeymoon shopping shouldn’t feel like a chore. Lingerie is a nice thing to have, not a wedding requirement. What really counts is having an amazing time with the love of your life.

honeymoon lingerie

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