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So you’ve not been to Lagos before or you have a few times, and now the boo says “let’s get married in Lagos”. Yayyy! Please say yes, but note a few things before you invite your family and friends.

Here’s all you need to know before you get married in Lagos:

1. Traffic

This is the Lagos reality. Except you plan to move around with a private jet, put traffic into your wedding planning and running around so that you don’t arrive for everything late.

get married in Lagos

(Photo: Volts Africa)

2. Transportation

T. are a variety of ways to move around in Lagos, but google is your friend. T. are buses of different sizes, bikes, cabs, jetty e.t.c. It would be great to try them all to get the full transport experience, lol! It’d be much better, though, to take a cab especially if you don’t know your way around.

get married in lagos

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3. Safety

Lagos is a country of its own. In addition to being aware of your things at every point in time, you have to double check facts before you believe anybody. Once again, google (and informed .s) is your friend.

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4. Mainland and island

These are two main areas in Lagos and they’re almost worlds apart in almost everything; distance, accommodation, transportation e.t.c. The Island is generally more expensive than the mainland, so you’ll need to put that into consideration before you fix your wedding venue.

5. Accommodation

T. are hotels of different kinds and prices, including apartments you can rent for a couple of days. In all of that, don’t forget to be security conscious and double check your info.

get married in Lagos

(Photo: Come To Nigeria)

6. Tourism

You can’t possibly plan to get married in Lagos and not visit all the amazing places. So get your itinerary ready and enjoy the entire Lagos experience.

get married in Lagos

(Photo: TripAdvisor)

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of the Lagos life, .’s how to have a successful Nigerian wedding.




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