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Here’s Biggie’s punishment to Chi Chi and Dotun, following their Tail of the House mantle


Big Brother has finally announced through the week two Head of House, Hermes Chibueze Iyele the punishment new Tails of the House, Chi Chi and Dotun will to carry out this week.

While reading out the instruction from Big Brother, Hermes said, “Chi Chi you had the worse performance out of everyone. Dotun, you handle Big Brother’s property carelessly.

“Last week, Big Brother asked the Tail Bella to wear her clothes inside-out. For this week, seen as a sport week, Big Brother wants you to be one with the balls provided for you.


“When going to shower, or going to the garden or even during your dairy session, whatever you’re doing, your ball must be by your side.

“Your task is simple, your ball must not leave your side. You’re allowed to kick, nod or even joggle the ball. No one else is allowed to touch the ball. Better luck next time”.


Recall that after the Head of House challenge on Monday evening, August 1, Biggie announced that Chi Chi had the worst performance in the game and has been named the week two Tail of the House.

For Dotun, Big Brother decided to punish him equally with the Tail of the House tittle, for handling Big Brother’s microphone carelessly during the second part of the HoH game.

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