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When it comes to weddings and all the assistance you can get to make your guests share and enjoy your special day, the wedding ushers take the lead in the scheme of things.
Choosing wedding ushers just requires you to pay attention to details; .’s how
1. Ushering Agency

Things are easier these days because t. are ushering agencies that can help provide you with the services you need, but just like all services, you need to make sure they’re in line with what you need them to achieve.

T.’s also the option to ask members of your family or your friends to usher, but we really don’t advice that.

2. Meet the ushers

If you’re going to use an agency, it’s best to ask the person in charge to allow you meet with the ushers before the wedding, to look at them, somewhat study them and decide if they best fit the guests you’re expecting to have. To be professional, it’s best not to negotiate prices with them directly

3. Incentives

Asides money, most people have a higher chance of being productive through incentives. Though not negotiating, you can tell them what you can give them; like food, souvenirs, drinks, etc…

Half of the time, they might be too busy trying to steal these things because they don’t want to miss out. You can prevent that with incentives.

wedding ushers

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4. Tell the ushers what you want

T.’s definitely a general principle for the ushering do’s and don’ts, but it’s best to re-iterate it to them in line with what you want. Guests differ and so do preferences; you can also chip in how you expect them to look and what you actually want them to achieve… and do well to say it in front of their boss o

5. Put someone you trust in charge

Although most of the ushers have a head usher and a boss too… Putting someone you trust in charge won’t take away their responsibilities, it’ll provide someone they can talk to and someone you can ask what’s going on.

wedding ushers

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Choosing the right wedding ushers will definitely make the wedding smoother and fun, as well as other people who render services… Such as the DJ, let’s help you pick a wedding DJ that won’t bore your guests






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