Here’s How To Make Your Lower Lashes Look Longer


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We all want our lower lashes to look longer and bolder but most times it is easier said than done.

However, with the right tips and tricks you can learn to flawlessly make your lower lashes look bomb without clumping or smearing. Here are some tips for you.

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Prime Your Lashes

Primer is the basic key to better-looking makeup. Whether it is foundation, eyeshadow or mascara, a primer always guarantees better results. So get a good eyelash primer and apply it before applying your mascara to both your upper and lower lashes. This will help your mascara last longer and will give you fuller, more luxurious and longer lower lashes.

Use A Waterproof Mascara

To achieve flawless bold lower lashes, it’s best to use waterproof mascara. This is because your lower lashes are more prone to wetness from your eyes. This could make your mascara smudge, leaving you looking like a well-dressed racoon. So basically, we are saying you are safer using a waterproof mascara.

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Apply With Side To Side Sweeps

We have all been taught to apply mascara in upward strokes. But it has been proven over and over that applying mascara on your lashes (top or bottom) with side to side sweeps gives better results. Even fashion week makeup artists swear by this trick. So give it a try and you will fall in love!

Use A Smaller Wand

Using a smaller mascara wand to apply mascara on your lashes is one trick that you can’t do without. You may notice that the regular mascara wand are messier when used on your lower lash. This is because your lower lashes are shorter than the upper lashes. So it makes sense to go with a smaller wand for your lower eyelashes.

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Use A Different Colour

The most common mascara shade is black and we absolutely love it. However, to make your lower eyelashes look longer and stand out, you have to colour outside the lines. Try using a deep blue mascara for your lower lashes. Again, remember to use a lash primer to help the colour stand out.

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