Here’s How To Pull Off A Nigerian Fairy Tale Themed Wedding


If you have always dreamt about having a Nigerian fairy tale themed wedding, this is for you. Your dreams are valid and can be achieved, so let’s help you have the wedding of your dreams.

Here are some tips:

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1. Let your pictures lead the way

The pictures have to set the pace for you and to achieve this, you need a photographer that is great!

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2. Let the dress speak

Choose a showy dress suitable for royalty. A ballgown that screams attention to detail will definitely help do justice to the fairy tale theme.

nigerian fairytale themed wedding

(Photo: Klala Photography)

3. Have a dramatic entrance or activity

This can be an effect from your favourite fairy tale cartoon or you can just step out with your husband looking like the fairy tale itself!

fairytale themed wedding

(Photo: Euclase Photography)

4. Love songs overload

What’s a fairy tale without a lovely prince charming and an amazing love story! thankfully, music speaks louder than words, so you can mushy’ up the atmosp. with love songs that reflect your love story.

5. Decorations

You can pick colours that are subtle and dreamy and fit in with the love theme. Don’t forget to throw in a dreamy cake and lots of flowers.

nigerian fairytale themed wedding

(Photo: Elegant Wedding Cakes)

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to have loads of fun! Here are some other themed wedding ideas that you can consider

. Here’s How To Pull Off A Nigerian Fairy Tale Themed Wedding . fashionstyle.


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