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Many couples already save the first layer of the wedding cake, mostly because they know that’s how it should be, but do you know why?

Here’s why you shouldn’t eat the first layer of your wedding cake on your wedding day:

1. In the beginning

Traditionally, the top tier or the first layer of the wedding cake is often saved to be eaten one year after, either on the 1st year wedding anniversary day or at your first child’s dedication which is most times within the first year of the marriage.

It is considered that bringing a literal part of your wedding and all the the joy into the first wedding anniversary or your baby’s christening is a way of introducing prosperity and thus continuous joy into the marriage and/or into the baby’s life.

first layer of the wedding cake

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2. Things to Consider

And if you agree with us, remember that while thinking of your honeymoon, the first layer of a cake and what to do with it might not be on your mind, so for proper storage and preservation, you can tell a trusted family member to take care of it or you tell your maid of honor to take it to either of your parents’ houses.

3. Another option

If you don’t see yourself trusting cake that is a year old, or you don’t trust that NEPA will respect themselves… You can ask your baker to make a layer of the same flavour and design of your wedding cake and dig in for either your anniversary or the baby’s dedication.

first layer of the wedding cake

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So, saving the first layer of the wedding day cake isn’t a bad idea after all. Here are some other interesting wedding day taboos around the world.




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