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If you’re very active on Twitter, you might have noticed the beautiful pictures and tweets by Nigerians from Santorini. We’re unsure about who or what started this trend, but we are absolutely in love.

Talking about a perfect destination wedding location, Santorini is a beautiful island located in the Southern Aegean sea in Greece.

The beautiful island is just one of many and is an amazing destination wedding location. Here’s why;

1. Amazing Structural Views

One of the most beautiful things about this island is its landscape. Its perfect blend of white walls, blue waters, and beautifully colored flowers is breathtaking. Plus, it means amazing pictures on your big day!

destination wedding location

(Photo: Twitter/greekconcertstaus)

2. Greek Delicacies

If you’re a foodie, then you would love your destination wedding in Santorini. You have the opportunity of treating your guests to Greek delicacies. They are absolutely delicious, so they’ll definitely be in for a treat.

destination wedding location

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(Photo: Twitter/tOittOne)

3. Great Hospitality (Philotimo)

Not only is the hospitality of the Greeks compared to none, but the security is also spotless, so be ready to feel at home. You wouldn’t have a problem settling in, as a lot of people will always help out.

4. Lots Of Exciting Activities

Amidst all of the excitement with planning the perfect destination wedding, you can still have fun. Santorini has a lot of exciting activities for you and your guests. From swimming, water sports, hiking, or donkey riding, all perfect for relaxation

destination wedding location

(Photo: Twitter/tOnittOne)

5. Breathtaking Sunsets

For most couples, who have visited Santorini, seeing the sunset is definitely the highlight of their trip. The sunsets in Santorini are absolutely beautiful and serene, so you and yours can enjoy this amazing view in a restaurant perched on volcanic hills.

destination wedding location

(Photo: Twitter/tOnittOne)

Also, what’s great is you can do all of this on a budget too! So be sure to visit and have fun! Check out these amazing destination wedding venues in Nigeria.


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