Here’s Why You Need To Hire A Wedding Planner


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When it comes to wedding planning, the range for brides is usually from “I have no idea what I’m doing” to “wedding planning may be my calling”. Whichever category you fall in, t. are still some very valid reasons why you need to hire a wedding planner.

Let’s tell you why you need to hire a wedding planner:

Stick to the budget

Wedding planners help you with budgeting because they are trained to work with whatever budget you bring to the table. Even if it’s a tight budget, they’ll let you know the best way to go through with it. When you’re doing it yourself, on the other hand, it’s easier to get carried away.

hire a wedding planner

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The wedding vision

The wedding planner’s job includes helping you achieve your wedding dreams. So, even when you get carried away or get overwhelmed about so many things that need to be done; the wedding planner will be t. to keep things on track and under control.

Vendor discount

Because they’re already in the industry, it’ll be easier for them to get discounts. Most of them also have vendors under their planning agency so it’s easier to get these reliable and affordable vendors when you have a wedding planner.

hire a wedding planner

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Reliable outlet to vent energy

Pressure will come and t. might even be times when you’ll wonder if a wedding is even necessary. In addition to needing someone who you can vent to, you’ll need someone that has experience with planning other weddings to assure that your case isn’t the worst…yet.

Tricky family situations

If you have a dramatic family, as most Nigerians do, you’ll realize that almost everybody wants to have a say in the wedding. When it’s a professional and an outsider that’s in charge, you just tell him or her what you want and the rest is not really your problem anymore.

hire a wedding planner

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Now, you have a wedding planner, you can check out these wedding outfit inspirations from the Film Gala.

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