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Good news is, t.’s a way you can dress to hide your belly bulge that doesn’t necessarily involve shape wear.

hide your belly bulge

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A peplum top is every thick girl’s holy grail. It’s the one piece of clothing you can wiggle into and look good in without much effort. Peplum tops are designed to cinch at your waist and flow down towards your belly. This means that it accentuates your curves and creates an illusion that hides your belly. Awesome right?

We can swear that vertical dresses are made especially with curvy girls in mind. Vertical stripes gives the illusion of an elongated body, making you appear slimmer. So when dressing to hide your belly bulge, opt for free flowing vertical stripe dresses.

Most people are of the belief that skirts don’t look nice on plus size girls, we say, it depends on the type of skirt you wear. If you wear a short skirt, sure, your belly will pop out. So opt for fuller skirts, with pleats. These skirts start right at your belly . and flows all the way down, hiding your bulge so perfectly. Pair this with a cute t-shirt and you are good to go.

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Boyfriend Shirts Are The Best
hide your belly bulge


Liiiike…. (mini blush) Hehehe. Seriously though, over sized shirts, t-shirts, denim jackets, bomber jackets, you name it. T.’s a long list of clothes that can be borrowed from your boyfriend or husband’s wardrobe. Style this with your regular fitted shirt or throw it on with a pair of skinnies and you are good to go. The bulk hides your tummy bulge and you get to bask in his warm fragrance all day (full on blush.)

High Rise Everything!
hide your belly bulge


If you’ve noticed, through out this article we have been hammering on skirts that start at the belly . and high rise pants. If you own a pair of high rise jeans, you would understand why. They are the perfect slimming tool and when styled the right way, they leave you looking super chic and sexy.

So now that you’ve learnt how to dress to hide your belly bulge, we trust you’d be stepping out in style.



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