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When it comes to the rush of the wedding and packing for your honeymoon, a gazillion things might skip your mind and this is totally normal but you can’t afford to forget your honeymoon skincare essentials.

Here are some of them:

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Body oils

Different body oils work for different skin types and people in general. So find the ones that work for you and throw them in your bag. You can throw in some sweet smelling oils for a sexy scent and some anti-bacterial oils too.

honeymoon skincare essentials

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Regardless of w. you’re going for your honeymoon,your skin needs to be well moisturized. If you’re like most couples, you’ll probably be doing some swimming and outdoor activities so you should protect your skin by moisturizing it thoroughly.

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Believe it or not, black skin needs sunscreen too. So, if you and hubby are going to a region that’s really sunny, you’ll need to take some along.

honeymoon skincare essentials


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Insect repellent

In case your honeymoon location is in the Amazon forest or close (just kidding), you should pack some insect repellent so you won’t have to worry about insects. You don’t want to be slapping your self while you’re on honeymoon, do you?

skin care essentials

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It’s definitely better to have these honeymoon skincare essentials in small bottles or small sizes so you can carry them anyw. you need to. Here are some pre-wedding skincare routines you can try before your wedding.




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