Hot Tips! Guys See 7 Surprising Things Women Find Very Se xy (Must Read)


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You will find her blushing, giggling and smiling with these 7 surprising tips. Make your woman have memories of joy, laughter and love with these simple and effective secrets that will win her heart in an instant.

These seven surprising things will move any woman and make her find you very sexy and attractive. You can’t go wrong with these tips as provided by Madeleine Holden.

1. When you dance (Even if you lack coordination)

A lot of men are scared to dance because they know they’re no Bruno Mars, but men who can be playful and light-hearted without taking themselves too seriously consistently find favour with women. Don’t be a stranger to the dance floor even if you don’t rate your own moves, or if that’s still a little scary, see point 5 above and let loose in the comfort of your own kitchen.

2. When you smell nice

This is an easy one to check off and it’s being passed up by too many men. Guys: It’s not good enough to merely smell not-bad, and there are plenty of masculine scents for you to . with. Find a cologne that works on you and make it your signature scent — and watch as women start sidling closer.

3. When you really listen

It’s not surprising that women want their opinions and views to be heard, and the idea that men don’t listen seems to bear out in real life frustratingly often. After asking women what they find attractive, a clear turn-on emerges that outstrips almost all others: being genuinely listened to. It’s a shame that something so basically decent is fawned over by women, but generations of rude men have made it easy for you to stand out here. Letting us finish our sentences? Forming a sincerely thoughtful response when we explain our point of view? We’re positively craving it.

4. When you make the bed

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Competence in the domestic sphere is an almost unanimously attractive quality in men, and women report finding lots of different things sexy in this domain, such as the ability to fold laundry well, keep a bathroom spotless and perfectly scoop an avocado from its shell. But one household activity is so widely favoured amongst women it’s surprising it’s not yet its own sub-genre of women’s erotica, and that’s watching a man make a bed. Seriously: women can’t get enough of it — so start perfecting those hospital corners.

5. When you’re good in the kitchen

People who don’t appreciate being cooked a nice meal are few and far between, but the frequency with which women report cooking as a turn on has certainly been under-reported. Some women like a man who can whip up a fancy signature dish, and others are happy with smaller gestures, like a simple breakfast or great cup of coffee. One thing’s for sure, though: An apron is a good look on you.

6. When you pay attention to how you’re dressed

There’s a stale trope that (straight) men can throw on any old thing that’s vaguely clean and be good to go; that it’s an affront to a man’s masculinity to care too much about how he looks. However, it’s clear that tons of women are turned on by the very opposite: Men who know their exact suit measurements, meticulously launder their white T-shirts, and wear clothes, like shorts that come above the knee and very tight jeans, that “manly men” might shy away from. Women are firm on this one: Men who pay careful attention to their presentation are devastatingly sexy.

7. When you brush or . with her hair

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you happen to have long hair, or if you’re just a human being with nerve endings in your scalp. Having your hair touched feels SO good! Having it brushed or played with is like an intimate, at-home version of a head massage, and plenty of women find that irresistible.


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