How a 22-Year-Old Girl Became a Millionaire In 30 Days


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Kristina Bazan has amassed 2.3million Instagram followers, racked up countless collaborations with luxury fashion brands, appeared on the cover of Vogue Portugal and even got a mention in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List.

On top of that, she reportedly signed a seven-figure contract recently to become the latest ambassador for L’Oreal Paris – joining the likes of Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts and Blake Lively – making her a millionairess.

But how did this 22-year-old from Sweden become such hot property?

It’s all thanks to her fashion blog Kayture which she launched five years ago – but Kristina never intended for it to flourish into a glittering career.

Kristina told Emirates Woman: “I feel like I’m leading a double life.

“My blog was never the finality of what I wanted to do.

“I launched it as an outlet for me to express my creativity. I thought I may be an interior architect or a writer – even a painter one day.”

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Although she admitted that she doesn’t like being labelled as a blogger.

Kristina said: “Of course if I’m asked the question, I say I’m a blogger. It is what it is.

“But I do find the word quite diminishing because technically we can all click a . on the internet and suddenly have a blog.

“It takes so much more to actually make a statement in the industry and create something that’s going to inspire people or change their perception of something.”

The starlet revealed that when she started out she barely knew anything about fashion and had only ever heard about two brands.

But Kristina thinks that was part of her appeal and helped her to speak to her audience from a fresh and naive perspective.

She said: “When Vogue flew me to Tokyo for Fashion Night Out I had no idea who Michael Kors was. I’d only heard of Anna Wintour twice.”

The pretty writer, who has also penned a book, came from humble beginnings so her classic rags-to-riches tale also charms her readers.

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