How Nigerian Government Infantilise Me -Seun Kuti

Afro-beat singer, Seun Kuti has revealed how the Nigerian government infantilise him in a bid to prevent a mass meeting he recently planned to organise.

Lamenting the excesses of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), the security outfit the government deployed to prevent the meeting, Kuti lamented on Arise TV’s The Morning Show, that they sent a letter advising him to suspend the meeting, but what happened was a ban.

According to him, in order for the police to effect the ban and prevent the armless meeting, by all means, they subjected him to ridicule, infantilising him.

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His words: “I would have to use ban because if it was just advice not to hold it, it will be obvious. I am an adult, it is my choice to take the advice or not. I also want to add that throughout all this, the police did not call me, or write to me, contact me. They use the same style and oppressing means they have been using to hold young people in Nigeria down, which is Infantilisation. To them, no matter how old you are, you are still a child.

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“They called my senior sister, infantilise me, it was so insulting in that aspect. The police were preventing people from entering the shrine throughout. Even though I had accepted a day before; as soon as my sister called me, I made it public that we are not going to have the meeting at the shrine.

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“This just shows that no matter how you react to an oppressor, either you submit to the oppressor, either you resist the oppressor, the oppressor will continue to oppress; he will never change that part of himself. Even though we said we are not doing the meeting anymore, they still came and locked the shrine.”

. How Nigerian Government Infantilise Me -Seun Kuti . Newsrand.

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