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Vera Sidika is the queen of Instagram and she has been super active ever since she broke up with Otile Brown. She is going to the gym, looking like a snack in bikinis and promoting her Salon.

Vera Sidika

.: Instagram.

She recently posted a picture ‘without makeup’ and a weave and many people were shocked at how gorgeous she looks. Many of us would like to look more natural with makeup on to hide the little flaws we have without looking like dolls. Like many celebrities who have learned the art of no-makeup makeup, we think Vera had some little product on her face and we will teach you how to get her natural look too.

Vera Sidika

.: Instagram.

The first step to looking amazing is to moisturize twice a day. There are many ways to add that extra moisture to our skin. You can use sleeping masks, sheet masks, snail serums, rosehip oil and Korean Essences.

The second step is to wear a tinted moisturizer or a BB Cream like BIW BIW to give you that seamless look while adding moisture to your skin.

Binti Pretty BIW BIW Nourishing Cream Kenya Fashion Style

.: Binti Pretty /Instagram

Lastly, use a nude colored lipstick or lip gloss to add that shine to your lips.

Nude Lipstick Kenya, Fashion Style

Photo: Silvia Njoki.

Do you think Vera Sidika was wearing makeup or not? . are the reasons why eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadows could be making you blind.



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