How To Care For Oily Skin In The Morning And Evening #BeautyTips


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This is the foolproof way to care for your skin every day!

Buying products for your skin type could be difficult because we are all tempted to buy what our friends, family and favorite bloggers have tested and tried. This could be an expensive affair because you might end up buying products that will not work for you or could end up making your skin even worse! Sensitive, oily, dry and combination skin types are different. The products and regimen for the different skin types are also very different.

For oily skin, these are the products to use in the AM and in the PM.
Products to be used in the morning following this order.
Cleansing Gel.

Use a cleansing gels like the Cetaphil gel cleanser and the Avon Gel cleanser to clean your skin without making it too dry.

Acne Org Treatment Kenya Fashion Style Skincare

.: Cetaphil


Toners are important because they bring your skin’s PH back to the optimal PH levels after cleansing.

Yves Roche Product Kenya

.: .


Serums have become very popular over time because of their ability to add moisture to the skin without clogging the pores.

Snail Repair Ampoule Kenya

.: sugar Punch Kenya

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Wearing sunscreen is a must because it helps keep your skin protected from UV rays and also helps keep your skin complexion even.

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.: Maximized Living

Products to be used in the evening following this order.
Cleansing Gel.

Repeat the same process you followed in the morning and if you wear makeup remember to use a makeup remover like the Micellar water to make sure all the dirt and impurities are off before cleansing your face.


The toner is a must just like the morning routine.

BHA/AHA Serum.

It is best to use a chemical exfoliant because they help remove dead cells and spots without damaging the skin’s topmost layer. One of the best chemical exfoliants in Kenya is the Acne Org Glycolic acid.

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A good moisturizer is ideal for any women who want, youthful, glowing and radiant skin. The best moisturizers have hyaluronic acid so you need to be on the lookout for those. Other moisturizers include Cerave, Cetaphil, Avon and Olay.

Avon moisturizers Kenya - Sugar Punch Kenya

Avon Moisturizers from – Sugar Punch Beauty

Which skincare products do you use in the morning and evening? . are the reasons why women are totally using snail mucus as a face serum.





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