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How to Get a Guy to Kiss You



Let me be really honest here and just say that guys aren’t always the brightest when it comes to picking up on hints that us ladies put down. Whether it’s nerves or just their cluelessness, they often don’t realize that we like them and this makes it difficult for us ladies to get them to plant one on us!

How do you make it obvious to the guy you like that you want them to lean in close, grab the side of your face, and plant their delicious looking pout on yours? Well, we’ve got an array of different ways that have worked for us in the past. Give these 20 ways to get a guy to kiss you a try.

  1. Make Sure They Know You Like Them

Some guys just have no idea that you’re even into them in the first place. If that’s the case, how would they ever know to plant one on you? Make sure that you’ve done everything you can to make it obvious that you like him.

You’ll also want to make sure that he’s into you, too. So before trying these tips to get a guy to kiss you, be certain that they’re aware of your feelings for them.

  1. Pretty Up Your Pout

If you want to get a guy to kiss you, you’ll need some delectable looking lips! So make sure you’re exfoliating your lips regularly, keeping them moisturized, and even applying a light (very light) layer of gloss on them to keep them looking fresh.

Bonus tip: Something that will always make them look rosy and delicious without the added lipstick (guys don’t particularly like kissing someone with a ton of lipstick on) is to simply bite down on your lips occasionally. This increases the circulation and keeps them red and even more plump.

  1. Put those Lips on Display

Now that your mouth is looking better than ever, show it off! Make him pay extra attention to that part of your face. This can already be done by making them look appealing, but you can do even more. A trick that always seems to work is biting down on your lower lip when you know he’s looking at you. He won’t be able to resist!

  1. Alone Time is Key

He’s not going to kiss you for the first time if there are a lot of other people around. He’ll be far too nervous and embarrassed to do so. This means that spending time alone, often is crucial. If you spend more and more alone time together, he’ll get more comfortable with you and this opens up more opportunities for him to kiss you.

  1. Lean in Close

How is he going to be able to kiss you if you’re always 5 feet away from him? If you want to make it easier for him to kiss you, then you have to be as close to him as you can be without it being uncomfortable. Lean in closer when he’s talking or just hold his hand when you can.

  1. Get Your Flirt On

Being really flirty with someone is always a green light to them if they’re wondering about kissing you. By laughing a lot, touching them here and there, and being playfully flirting, he’ll get the hint that you’re into him and it’ll give him the confidence he needs to pull you closer and kiss you.

  1. Make Sexy Eye Contact

When he’s talking to you make sure you’re maintaining eye contact. Don’t stare at him! But do look into his eyes enough let him know that you’re engaged and listening. Chances are, if you’re doing it right, you’ll make him blush as he’s talking. This is a clear sign that he definitely wants to kiss you.

  1. Look at His Lips

Take eye contact a step further and look at his lips. When he’s looking back into your eyes, subtly shift your gaze down to his lips for just a second. Then move them back up to his eyes and continue the conversation. This oldest trick in the book is almost always guaranteed to make him kiss you.

  1. Fresh Breath, Always

Who wants to kiss someone who has bad smelling breath? I know I wouldn’t! Since you never really know if the two of you will be eating or enjoying snacks of any kind while you’re together, it’s always important to keep some gum or mints handy.

I suggest using mints instead of gum because if you two do end up kissing, the gum could get in the way. Here’s a little hint for you too: if you offer him a mint after a meal and he graciously takes it, it definitely means that he’s thinking about kissing you.

  1. Touchy-Touchy

Initiating physical contact is a great way to close the gap between the two of you and make him feel more comfortable moving in for the kiss. Hold hands, lean on him, hug him, just do anything that will bring you two closer together.

  1. . a Tension-Filled Game

Sexual tension is the best way to get a guy to kiss you. So . a game that creates some of that! My favorite game to . is the “guess what’s next” game when we’re eating snacks or dinner. Have him close his eyes, get really close, and feed him different foods while he guesses what it is. The intimacy of feeding him will add some charged tension in the air.

  1. Be Confident

If you’re nervous, he’ll be nervous. People who are nervous are less likely to follow through with something they want to do. So make sure you’re confident! If you remain confident the entire time, it will make it so much easier for him to make his move.

  1. Pretend You’re Cold – and Make it Obvious You Really Aren’t

Some guys really need that extra push when it comes to kissing a girl. A common move is to pretend that you’re cold so they’ll hold onto you tight. But if you really want to be obvious about your desires, tell them you’re cold in an environment that really isn’t chilly at all. They’ll get the hint.

  1. Face Him as Often as You Can

It’s not easy to kiss someone when you’re both facing the same direction. So make sure you put yourself in front of him a lot so he will have more of an opportunity to go for it!

  1. Smile a Lot

This goes hand in hand with flirting and having confidence, but it is crucial. Not only will smiling make you look like you’re having a great time, but it also draws attention to your mouth – something that is needed if you want to get a guy to kiss you.

  1. Touch His Face

Being close and touchy-feely with him is important already, but if you want to take it to the next level, touch his face whenever you can – just make sure it’s not in an uncomfortable way. You can pretend he has an eyelash, playfully “bop” him on the nose, or even just rub his facial hair (if he has any) and say that you like it. This basically sets up the perfect opportunity for him to move in.

  1. Bring it Up in Conversation

If you two somehow get on the topic of kissing, bring up a point that you think he’d be a great kisser. The best time to do this is during a make out scene in a movie. Just blurt out, “I bet you’d be a better kisser than that.” Say it playfully and maybe he’ll prove your hypothesis.

  1. Whisper in His Ear

Not much is sexier and more kiss-inducing than whispering something in his ear. Just lean in close and tell him that you had an amazing time with him on your date. If you . this right, you’ll get that kiss you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Linger on Your Goodbyes

Just like you can use whispering in his ear to get a kiss, you can pull away from a hug but not let go of him just yet. Look up at him and then down at his lips. He’ll know it’s time to kiss you then.

  1. Kiss Him Yourself!

Hello! It is 2016 after all. Who says the guys have to make all the first moves? If you’re shy and have tried all of the above tricks with no luck, take some initiative yourself! Maybe he’s even shyer than you are. Lean in close and go for it. He might even find that a woman who takes charge is sexy.

Getting a guy to kiss you can be quite the challenge if they don’t pick up on your hints very easily. But by using these techniques, you’ll lock lips in no time. Do you have any more tips that have worked for you? Let us know how they worked!



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