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How To Grow Your Hair Fast With This Food Item!

Hair growth is definitely on a lot of ladies’ desired list. Think long, luscious thick mane that’s strong, no thin edges just full, rich that bounces to the heavens when they get caught in the wind!

Though great hair can be gotten through a healthy/balanced diet, proper care and treatments home remedies help to keep them desirable and onion and its juice (and potatoes with coconut oil) are raved foods that do this without side effects.



Onion has been a successful way to treat for hair loss for generations! The juice from onion helps with regrowth when it gets damaged.


Hair damage through thinning and breakage happens when it’s being over-processed/ due to chemicals in products, not giving enough attention to it, styling often with hot flat irons and generally not catering to it a 100%.

A simple home remedy like using the juice from onions work to make hair more lush, healthy, longer and full! It’s simple, the sulfur in onion juice nourishes your mane and stimulates growth faster producing results in no time.



The next time you notice a thinning, slow growth and lacklustre shine, by all means onion juice it! Would you be giving this a try?



boşanma avukatı