How to Have a Successful Relationship – Nnamdi Oboli


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Every working relationship has someone who is constantly working on it. As Nnamdi Oboli, author of “It’s All Up To You,” and Husband of  Omoni Oboli, puts it, both individuals in a relationship need to give up themselves in order to make it work.

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In his book which was inspired by his relationship with the actress, Nnamdi Oboli focuses on the petty things in a relationship which are most times the causes why couples are in an estranged relationship. He shared his thoughts on Instagram on Saturday, September 24, 2016.

“Today, its anger towards the husband for putting up the toilet sit. But a little stretch of the hand to put it down would stop the dissension brewing in hell’s pit. The toothpaste tube conversation stretches through, to usurp valuable quality time.

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“But a little shutting of the mouth would have stopped the irretrievable hateful words like the mouth that has just tasted bitter “lime. The love we profess to one another suffers under the tyranny of our quest for selfish dominance. But the nurture and realization of our professed love must always be of utmost importance.

“The individuality of each of the couple must lose its meaning from what it was before marriage. But not entirely at the expense of losing your valuable attributes that once were the attraction, thereby suppressing unexpressed rage.

“Marriage is not a do or die affair, so don’t go into it hurriedly just because. But marriage is a do or die affair that couples must fight for within godly reason to achieve a worthy cause. Many people hurriedly open their mouths to aggravate situations which often only serve to entertain a third party’s musings.

“But learn to control and guard your God-given territory, knowing that love covers a multitude of sins. It may seem like a simple advice cannot solve the complicated web of problems we’ve wielded for ourselves. But complications are our way of displaying our prideful ways to God so that mankind can feel they have total control of themselves. #bewise #marriageforbetterforus #marriageisablessing #lovecoversamultitudeofsins.”

Nnamdi Oboli and wifeOmoni Oboli and Nnamdi Oboli

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