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Taking care of your natural hair can be a struggle if you don’t know your hair type. And yes, not all black natural hair is the same. They can actually be grouped into several categories.

Generally black African women have type 4 hair. And type 4 hair can be categorized into 4A, 4B and 4C. After we explain the differences between all three, you’ll be able to tell your own natural hair type.


natural hair type


4A Hair

4A hair is pretty easy to identify because it has an S shaped pattern when stretched. The hair has a visible curl pattern which is spiral like. It can be either fine or wiry.  And even though 4A hair is quite fragile, it has a high density which makes it appear darker.

natural hair type

(Photo: Pinterest via Natural Hair Queen)


4B Hair

4B hair has a Z shaped pattern and unlike the 4A hair, it doesn’t have a defined curl pattern. However, it is tightly coiled and experiences shrinkage up to 70% of it’s true length. Also, It has a cotton like feel and look to it but because the hair bends in sharp angles (like the letter Z), this natural hair type is quite prone to breakage.

natural hair type

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4C Hair

4C hair looks a lot like 4B hair. It also has no defined curl pattern but it is more tightly coiled. To define curls on this natural hair type, it has to be braided or twisted etc. Also, It has a shrinkage of more than 70% so it tends to look a lot shorter than it actually is. This is actually the most common hair type among african women.

natural hair type

(Photo: Pinterest via Essence Magazine)


Figured out what your natural hair type is or still not sure?  this quiz will help.

Also check out this video by Halfrican beaute explaining how you can know your hair type.


Just joined the natural community? These tips will get you started.




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